Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Reading: Nailbiter

Artist: Nailbiter

Song: [last section of an improvisation]

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room (Wavelength 690 – Class of 2016 #5), January 22, 2016.

Nailbiter - [last section of an improvisation]

Presenting as part of Dan Burke's annual next-big-thing "Class of" series, this night saw Wavelength at its most Silent Shout-y, presenting projects whose sounds skewed towards various points on the electronic/dance continuum. Josh Korody closed the night out with another excursion from his experimental modular dancefloor attack, once again eschewing the stage to set up among the crowd on the floor. There were a few different textures at play here than the other times I saw this project in action, but as with the last time out, the section that I wanted to pull was the big finale.

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