Saturday, November 7, 2015

Recording: Sahara

Artist: Sahara

Song: Cherry-Coloured Funk [Cocteau Twins cover]

Recorded at The Dance Cave (DEATH TO T.O. V), October 30, 2015.

Sahara - Cherry-Coloured Funk

For its massive fifth year of Hallowe'en covers, DEATH TO T.O. upsized from its home at The Silver Dollar/Comfort Zone to Lee's Palace and the Dance Cave. That allowed it to keep its sprawling two-stage upstairs/downstairs dynamic even as it accommodated a bigger crowd than ever. Besides curating no fewer than seventeen (!) short sets, Dan Burke and Elliot Jones also kept things running on schedule, with one set starting quite crisply as the one on the other stage ended for nearly the whole night. And as always, the bands put in a lot of work — not just musically, but a lot of the time in trying to capture the look and mannerisms of the band they were covering.

This group had the toughest time of the night getting started, pushing their start back about ten minutes as they fiddled with their gear on stage. Once they were going and settled in, they had a nice line on Cocteau Twins' shimmery, chorus-y guitars and sweet but semi-buried vox.

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