Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recording: Young Mother

Artist: Young Mother

Song: unknown*

Recorded at the MOCCA Courtyard (NXNE 2014: "Of Sound Mind"), June 22, 2014.

Young Mother - unknown

Given the amount of rancour that had surfaced between the festival and elements of the local DIY scene, it was somewhat amusing to see some of the latter gathered together at this "indie label fair" on the festival's final day. Organized by Sonic Boom and People Put Out Productions, this felt like it had its fingers a bit more firmly on the street-level pulse than a lot of NXNE doings. It was nice to see records and tapes getting purchased and there were some cool bands playing outside in the courtyard, which helped send the festival off on a happier note than it began on.

Since sax player Jason Wasiak moved away, Young Mother has been in various states of hiatus. But he was back in town as the band reunited for a couple appearances at NXNE. Keeping the brand alive, singer/guitarist Jesse Laderoute has shared some of the band's nascent recordings in the interim, but this "new" song shows that the well may not be totally dry yet.

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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