Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recording: Prince Nifty

Artist: Prince Nifty

Song: Body Irony

Recorded at Double Double Land, July 11, 2014.

Prince Nifty - Body Irony

Full review to follow. Matt Smith's dancefloor-oriented work does a, um, nifty job of subverting the too-obvious tropes the genre can fall into, sometimes bursting out of the gate before you can catch up to it, and sometimes — as in the case of a brand new piece debuted at the end of the set — surging suggestively without dropping into the straighahead 4/4 zone you're expecting. But you don't have to get uptight about it. "I'll spare you all the details of what I'm thinking today," Smith told the crowd as he got started, "and just ask that you guys can dance. If you can't dance, just flail." I did my best.

[You can catch Nifty in a different sort of environment at Sunday's highly-anticipated Backyard Afternoon at Tibet Kitchen.]

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