Saturday, April 26, 2014

Recording: Picastro

Artist: Picastro

Songs: State Man + February

Recorded at CineCycle ("Wavelength 593"), April 9, 2014.

Picastro - State Man

Picastro - February

Full review to follow. Picastro's Liz Hysen has pushed herself out of the spotlight a bit on the band's new album. On several of the songs, her voice is joined by — or replaced by — a series of male vocalists, including Tony Dekker and Alex Lukashevsky. Nick Storring, the group's longtime cello player, also contributes vocal here on "February". Meanwhile, on this night, the ever-evolving lineup was a five piece, with Evan Clarke and Matt Ramolo (who were in the fold last time I saw the band) joined by newcomer Germaine Liu on percussion. A few macabre cartoons from CineCycle's collection completed the vibe for this show.

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