Thursday, April 24, 2014

Download: Tropics 2009-04-24 [MFS #001]

On April 24, 2009, I took my newly-acquired microphones out "in the field" for the first time ever. Butterflies in my stomach, feeling awkward and conspicuous, I stood against a wall and tried to look casual as I hooked up my gear. By sheer chance, the first band that I would record would be Tropics, who were the openers at a Hive Dwellers/Chain and the Gang gig at the old Whippersnapper Gallery on College.

I'd come to enjoy the band more than the somewhat middling praise I offered at the time — and Tropics would be an example of the sort of band that I'm glad to have documented, as they were very much a "live" band whose recorded legacy would under-represent how much material they had.

Tropics - [last song]

This is not my best Tropics recording — it's very literally the sound of a guy figuring out how to use his gear. But I do know a bit more about processing audio now and after a few tweaks, it ain't half bad. And... it's the first. Now, on the fifth anniversary of this whole thing getting started, you can hear it for the first time ever. Grab it here:

Tropics - 2009-04-24 [MFS #001]

Tropics are no more, but their DNA is encoded in the new project Darlene Shrugg. Slim Twig is still Slim Twig. Simone TB can be seen performing with The Highest Order.

Thanks to Max T. for understanding the historical imperative here. At some point I'll have to figure out what my best Tropics recording is and post that.

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