Sunday, November 10, 2013

Recording: TROG

Artist: TROG

Song: Bossk [partial] + Sorcerer [excerpt]*

Recorded at The White House ("Wavelength 580"), November 9, 2011.

TROG - Bossk [partial] + Sorcerer [excerpt]

Full review to follow. So, I lingered a bit too long over my pink champagne and was running late, so I missed the start of a completely un-similar activity, with the articulate cavemen of TROG bringing two basses to unleash a heap o' primordial sludge. Looking forward to catching a full set, as should you — and in the meantime, they've already dropped their first tape, so you take some TROG home with you.

* Thanks to Lee for passing the titles to these along.


  1. hey joe! the songs are bossk (partial) and sorcerer (excerpt) -lee

    1. Yes! Meant to update this before and it fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder!