Saturday, November 9, 2013

Recording: Cellphone

Artist: Cellphone

Song: Human Rights

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Long Winter – Year 2 Volume 1"), November 8, 2013.

Cellphone - Human Rights

Full review to follow. The first season of Long Winter shows developed their sensibility as they went along, but a second go-round gives a chance to plug into — and expand upon — an existing template. This time 'round, The Great Hall was even more stuffed to the gills. The main hall and conversation room stages were running in tight tandem, meaning you could (and I did!) basically watch music continuously all night long. But on top of that, there was a third stage in the restaurant, plus a full separate slate (including a live talk show) in the basement BLK BOX, to say nothing of the art interventions scattered throughout the space.

With one fewer keyb players and one more drummer than I recall (making for one of each now), these "synth thrash maniacs" were hewing a bit more to the thrash and less than the spazzoid synthrock murk (which they channelled as the Death to T.O. Hallowe'en covers night while performing as Devo) from which they emerged. This was also a more focused and commanding live performance than I've ever seen 'em give. Blisteringly loud, too.

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