Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Recording: The Soft Pack

Artist: The Soft Pack

Songs: Extinction + Chinatown

Recorded at The Garrison, October 9, 2012.

The Soft Pack - Extinction

The Soft Pack - Chinatown

Full review to follow. Damn, buzz dissipates quickly. Back at NXNE 2010, these guys were one of the Big Things of the festival. And now, with a just-released new album, they're playing the same room I saw 'em in in those heady times but the crowd has gone from packed to less than half-full. That didn't keep the band from pumping out song after song in an efficient set, focusing on their new material.

Vocalist Matt Lamkin still presents like a boy with the perpetual nervousness — perhaps fitting as they're still at their best when channelling The Feelies, but in the interest of sonic variety, the new tunes try on a variety of different guises, from vaguely-funky new wave ("Bobby Brown") to postpunk art/shouts ("Head on Ice").

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