Monday, October 1, 2012

Recording: Fat As Fuck

Artist: Fat As Fuck

Song: Before The Alien Wars*

Recorded at SE corner of Trinity-Bellwoods Park (corner of Queen St. W and Gore Vale Av.), Nuit Blanche 2012, September 29, 2012.

Fat As Fuck - Before The Alien Wars

Out of some pleasant late-hours Nuit Blanche wanderings, I'd say three things stick out in my mind: Planes, an "equipment piece" from 1968 with film projected against wall-climbing dancers was an uncanny, unsettling experience while Cent une tueries de zombies, an expertly-crafted montage of Zombie Death scenes showing at the TIFF Lightbox was splendid entertainment.

But the most fun came from this completely unofficial random encounter at the corner of Trinity-Belwoods. There was a decent ring of people when I stopped to listen to the psychedelic prog/funk sounds coming a group of masked, biohazard-suited men. By the time Fat As Fuck finished, there were a couple hundred people on hand, plus a lightshow provided by a visiting firetruck. Stirring stuff, and an excellently-executed intervention into the nuit. This is presented in full-spectrum nuit blanche fidelity, meaning you should be able to hear the screeching audience members, barking dogs and so on.

P.S.: The "Open Call" for Nuit Blanche 2013 begins today. This is where NB should go: there's a more-than-critical mass of people wandering around, so take whatever you do, and just go do it in public. If you're an artist, find a projector and a blank wall. If you have a band, get a generator and find a wide spot on the sidewalk. Create random encounters! Curate yourself!

* Thanks to Jamador for passing the title to this one along.