Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recording: Fiver

Artist: Fiver

Song: Calm & Collected

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, June 29, 2012.

Fiver - Calm & Collected

Full review to follow. Though I've been following Simone Schmidt's new Fiver project through some shows in a duo formation with Paul Mortimer, it was exciting to see the full four-piece band in action. Celebrating the release of their first 7" (as well as an EP of demos), the band played a full hour-long set of new material, without going to the well for covers or back to older projects.

Just last night I'd gotten a late-night text from a friend lamenting the fact that the Coffee Time at College and Ossington was suddenly shut down, and then tonight Schmidt dedicated a song to its memory — I feel like this is music from a world I can relate to.


  1. Hey - sounds awesome - any chance you have the recording of the whole set?

    1. I do have more... right now this is in my archive backlog queue so eventually there will be more to go with this.