Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recording: Fiver

Artist: Fiver

Song: Rainbow of Blues

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, June 26, 2012.

Fiver - Rainbow of Blues

Full review to follow.

"You guys want a bit of relief?"

[some crowd-members laugh nervously; a couple people clap]

"Awww... there is none! [beat] This is a song called 'Rainbow of Blues'."

Simone Schmidt might make jokes about the sense of darkness in her songs, but just as in her work with $100, the empathy that she brings to her character studies is unassailable. Strictly speaking, this tune belongs to Highest Order of the Blue Sage, the "other band" Schmidt plays in alongside guitarist Paul Mortimer, but it sounds good in this duo setting. There'll be a chance to hear her new Fiver material backed by a full band on Friday night (June 29) at The Silver Dollar, which comes highly recommended.

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