Friday, February 13, 2009

Statement of Purpose

"I'm getting too old for this shit," I sometimes think to myself when I look around whichever dank room I'm standing in, waiting for the band to come on. I went to around 80 gigs last year, which seems both insanely too much and way too few.

It occurs to me that my life isn't always going to be like this. At some point, one presumes, something or other will cause me to "grow up" and find other things to do with my time. Which I'm neither looking particularly forward to nor dreading.

I've also realized that if I don't make more of an effort to make contemporaneous notes of things, I'll simply forget all the telling details that made things interesting. I laboured to pull together a "most fondly remembered gigs of 2008" list, and it was a struggle to be able to recount what made an event special if I hadn't written down shortly thereafter. So: this.

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