Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Recording: Whittaker/Gunduz/Palumbo

Artist: Curtis Whittaker/Esin Gunduz/Michael Palumbo

Song: [edited excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space (Audiopollination 75), September 14, 2019.

Curtis Whittaker/Esin Gunduz/Michael Palumbo - [edited excerpt]

It is sometimes quite astounding how well Audiopollination's "self-curated" nights can work, creating beautiful sounds that cohere not just within a set, but over the course of a whole night. Esin Gunduz's vocalisations danced around Curtis Whittaker's percussion in this set, while Michael Palumbo (exhibiting his prize-winning gourd) added background textures from his modular synth, some triggered by Whittaker's kickdrum.

You can watch video documentation of this set over at Audiopollination's youtube page:

[Audiopollination will be back at Array Space on Saturday (November 9th) for another self-curated night featuring Paul Newman & Ashley Urquhart, Twin Mask/Jeff Luciani/Rebecca Gray, Bob Vespaziani/Arnd Jurgensen/Elizabeth Lima, and MKL32 & Lidija Bozica.]

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