Friday, June 29, 2018

Recording: Hank Powell

Artist: Hank Powell

Song: [first piece]

Recorded at Celestina ("Track Could Bend #38"), May 1, 2018.

Hank Powell - [first piece]

Between venues, Track Could Bend was lucky enough to offer this intimate "studio" show, with some couches and a chance for close listening to some delicate sounds. This mysterious stranger, slated to close out the night, turned out to be a joint effort of Karen Ng and D. Alex Meeks, mixing the latter's deliberate rat-a-tat-tats with the former's snaky sax explorations.

[On Tuesday (July 3rd), come celebrate Track Could Bend's first show in its new home, down in the cozy basement space at Wenona Lodge (1069 Bloor Street W., just over from Dufferin Station). There will be sets from Fleshtone Aura, American Standard Trio and Jessica Stuart x Michael Davidson.]

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