Thursday, January 18, 2018

Recording: Kurt Marble

Artist: Kurt Marble

Song: Friend of Mine

Recorded at Polish Combatants' Hall SPK (Long Winter 6.2), December 9, 2017.

Kurt Marble - Friend of Mine

I was sad to have missed this year's first Long Winter (at my home base of The Tranzac, no less!) but was pleased to see the series return to the SPK's mirrored bunker for another go-round. Using the downstairs dining room and the upper main hall, there was music back and forth all night — plus the usual mix of comedy, art and Vish Khanna's Long Night talk show. Slowly expanding their glam-grunge template to encompass an amped-up take on sludge-psych, Kurt Marble + co. got the night rolling with some rock and roll abandon.

[Kurt Marble will be playing at Night 2 (the "rock" night) of the Wavelength Winter Festival on Saturday, February 17th at The Garrison alongside Odonis Odonis, Freak Heat Waves, Tough Age, and Luge.]

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