Saturday, February 11, 2017

Recording: More Or Les

Artist: More Or Les

Songs: Dis(s)incorporate + Fake Accent

Recorded at Junction City Music Hall (Pickles Aid), January 17, 2017.

More Or Les - Dis(s)incorporate

More Or Les - Fake Accent

Faced with an xmas eve layoff, Duncan "Doc Pickles" MacDonell was facing some financial and existential roadblocks — so in a "get by with a little help from my friends" gesture, Young Doctors in Love's Clay Puddester got the ball rolling for this benefit show. With the General Chaos lights swirling behind the stage, there was a strong old-school Wavelength vibe in the room. More Or Les closed the night out with a set that leaned on his recent Blow the Fuck Up But Stay Humble before veering off into stormtrooper sound effects, some improvised "raps from a hat" and a truly-impressive run through his word-dense/fact-heavy recitation of all of the Doctor's companions.

[Rolling with the psychic vibes from this show, Doc Pickles is reviving his Crosswires series, which will be moving to the Baby G with shows on Mondays once the sun crosses the vernal equinox. Information on the first couple shows is already posted on the Crosswires facebook page. More Or Les will be hosting the $5 Rap Show on Saturday February 18th at Handlebar.]

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