Thursday, June 23, 2016

Recording: Pet Sun

Artist: Pet Sun

Song: It's So Sweet

Recorded at The Garrison's front room (No Fest Day Party), June 18, 2016.

Pet Sun - It's So Sweet

Filling the vacuum left by the declining footprint of a floundering (and largely unloved) corporate festival, Buzz Records took over The Garrison for the weekend with two nights of music as well as this free afternoon show in the front room. Offering plenty of local talent (and no Budweiser banners) this was an encouraging example of on-the-ground moxie replacing worn-out top-down ideas.

This Hamilton-based quartet are psychedelic in the way that, say, Screaming Trees were psychedelic — which is to say leavened with a heavy, grungy, hair-flinging crunch. That comes across more strongly on stage than what I've sampled from their recently-released debut album.

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