Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recording: Within

Artist: Within

Song: Balkan Song*

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, July 2, 2015.

Within - Balkan Song

I didn't know anything about this band before hearing them play, and the sight of a familiar face at hand — Fresh Snow's Tim Condon — didn't provide any clues, given the different musical space he was operating in here. Offering up minimalist folk tunes delivered with Judith Muster's clear vocals, the band showed a sly propensity for both stretching out their silences and finding moments to insert a bit of subtle abrasiveness.

[Showing that this show's comfort with performing alongside more abstract, ambient sounds was no one-off, Within will be playing with FAVX (and Montréal's happymovie) on Saturday (July 18th) at the Monarch.]

* Thanks to Tim for passing along the title to this one.


  1. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the recording - greatly appreciated. The song is called "Balkan Song".