Saturday, February 28, 2015

Recording: Toronto Homicide Squad

Artist: Toronto Homicide Squad

Songs: Fuck You North Toronto + There Are Gods Among Us

Recorded at June Records, February 15, 2015.

Toronto Homicide Squad - Fuck You North Toronto

Toronto Homicide Squad - There Are Gods Among Us

Their annual shared-birthday show turned into something a bit less overtly celebratory when Gideon Steinberg and Brandon Lim announced that this would also be the final gig for their harsh prog duo. The dissolution definitely wasn't so much a case of the creative well running dry, given that the set featured a bunch of new/unrecorded material from the band. That gave a slightly-painful sense of what might-have-been for the band's next act, with Steinberg offering a few more straight-up post-punk songs (such as class warfare jingle "Fuck You North Toronto") but all the best to both in their next stages and phases — Lim can still be seen wielding the bass in HSY, and Steinberg's stripped-down drum kit hints at more restrained adventures to come.

[The band's recorded legacy includes their Nein Bullets cassette as well as their Craft Singles release, both of which are available for free on their bandcamp.]

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