Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Recording: The October Trio

Artist: The October Trio

Song: [excerpt from first set]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), September 10, 2014.

The October Trio - [excerpt from first set]

Full review to follow. Time pulls us along our various paths, which sometimes means being pulled away from old friends. The October Trio dates back to 2004 when Evan Arntzen (sax, clarinet), Josh Cole (bass) and Dan Gaucher (percussion) established themselves as regulars in Vancouver's jazz scene. Over time, various movings from/back to Vancouver kept the band from being a working unit, but they still renew their friendship and musical headspace when they find themselves in the same city. Billed as a tenth anniversary spectacular, the band played three nights in a row in Toronto in three different venues, wrapping things up at The Tranzac. There was an easy interplay here that kept things moving nicely across two sets, a testament to the enduring power of old friendships.

[Bonus! I passed my recording along to the band, and they have posted their entire second set up on their Soundcloud for you to enjoy.]

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