Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Gig List

Feast In The East 21 (feat. Yacht Club / Digits / Beta Frontiers / Miss Elizabeth)
Polyhaus 2013-01-04 (Friday)

Donlands and Mortimer (Tasseomancy / Alex Lukashevsky)
The Drake Underground 2013-01-06 (Sunday)

Mas Aya (Hybrid Frequency / Isla Craig)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-01-10 (Thursday)

Long Winter, Vol. 3 (feat. Maloo / S.H.I.T. / Lisa Bozikovic vs. THOMAS / Light Fires / Moon King / Vag Halen / Picastro / Buck 65)
The Great Hall 2013-01-11 (Friday)

Absolutely Free (AF + Carl Didur / Lice)
The Electric Theatre + Double Double Land 2013-01-12 (Saturday)

Wavelength 555 (feat. Beta Frontiers / Prince Innocence / BoyBITCH)
Play @ Wicked Club 2013-01-17 (Thursday)

Love Kills (Persian Rugs)
Rancho Relaxo 2013-01-18 (Friday)

Your 33 Black Angels (B-17 / The Auras / River Jones)
Lee's Palace 2013-01-19 (Saturday)

Christina Petrowska Quilico
Glenn Gould Studio 2013-01-22 (Tuesday)

Bob Wiseman + Friends
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-01-24 (Thursday)

Elfin Choirs (Bryan W. Bray & Victor Cirone)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-01-24 (Thursday)

Julie Doiron (Jordan Klassen / Construction and Destruction)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-01-25 (Friday)

Minotaurs (KASHKA)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-01-26 (Saturday)

Esprit Orchestra: "Orion"
Koerner Hall 2013-01-31 (Thursday)

Emergents III (feat. MALOO / Jesse Futerman)
The Music Gallery 2013-02-01 (Friday)

Toblerone Boys (Wizard Of / Fan Fiction / HVYWTR)
Double Double Land 2013-02-01 (Friday)

Toy Piano Composers: "Artistic Differences"
Heliconian Hall 2013-02-02 (Saturday)

Sappyfest Groundhog Day (feat. The Highest Order / Jennifer Castle / Marine Dreams)
Double Double Land 2013-02-02 (Saturday)

New Music Concerts: "Past, Present and Future"
Betty Oliphant Theatre 2013-02-03 (Sunday)

Long Winter, Vol. 4 (feat. Fucked Up / Holy Fuck / Kids on TV / Maylee Todd / Odonis Odonis / CCB Dance with Yacht Club)
The Great Hall 2013-02-08 (Friday)

Yo La Tengo
The Phoenix 2013-02-09 (Saturday)

Continuum Contemporary Music feat. New Adventures in Sound Art: "Jump Start"
The Citadel 2013-02-10 (Sunday)

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – In-Store Series (feat. Dusted / Absolutely Free)
Sonic Boom – Annex 2013-02-13 (Wednesday)

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – Night 1 (feat. Lullabye Arkestra / Ell V Gore / Fresh Snow / This Mess / Slow-Pitch)
The Shop under Parts + Labour 2013-02-14 (Thursday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – Night 2 (feat. Doldrums / Cadence Weapon / Blue Hawaii / Blonde Elvis / Thighs)
The Great Hall: BLK BOX 2013-02-15 (Friday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – In-Store Series (feat. Andre Ethier / Laura Barrett)
Soundscapes 2013-02-15 (Saturday)

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – Night 3 (feat. Do Make Say Think / Evening Hymns / Sarah Neufeld / Doom Squad / Bernice)
The Great Hall 2013-02-16 (Saturday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – In-Store Series (feat. The Soupcans / Sam Sutherland)
Grasshopper Records 2013-02-17 (Sunday)

Wavelength Music Festival: THIRTEEN – Night 4 (feat. Dusted / Cookie Duster / The Magic / Henri Fabergé & the Adorables / Cell Memory & Castle If / Legato Vipers)
The Garrison 2013-02-17 (Sunday) [preliminary notes]

Another Thousand Mountains (feat. Victoria Cheong with Jennifer Castle and Isla Craig)
The Music Gallery 2013-02-21 (Thursday)

Somewhere There Festival (feat. Scott Thomson [talk] / Free Improvisation by Victor Bateman, Allison Cameron, Christine Duncan, Germaine Liu / The Rent)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-02-22 (Friday)

Somewhere There Festival (matinee feat. Medium/Format/Marker: La Jetée in Multiples with Nicholas Loess, Ben Grossman, Joe Sorbara / Free Improvisation by Tania Gill, Ben Grossman, Joe Sorbara / CCMC)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-02-23 (Saturday)

Somewhere There Festival (feat. Martin Arnold & Friends / Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-02-23 (Saturday)

Somewhere There Festival (matinee feat. Casey Sokol [talk] / Not The Wind, Not The Flag)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-02-24 (Sunday)

Somewhere There Festival (feat. Twelve X / Three Solos: Rob Clutton, Paul Newman, Heather Segger / Lina Allemano 4)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-02-24 (Sunday)

Veda Hille
The Music Gallery 2013-02-25 (Monday)

Tin Angel Mini-Fest (feat. Doug Tielli / Ryan Driver / Devon Sproule & Mike O'Neill / Marker Starling)
Holy Oak Café 2013-02-28 (Thursday)

THIGHS (DAS RAD / bbigpigg)
The White House 2013-03-01 (Friday)

New Creations Festival: Arcadiac
Roy Thomson Hall 2013-03-02 (Saturday)

New Creations Festival: Sparkler
Roy Thomson Hall 2013-03-07 (Thursday)

Pachamama (Matt "Doc" Dunn / Carl Didur)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-03-07 (Thursday)

Cold Warps (Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs / The BB Guns / Fill Spectre)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-03-08 (Friday)

New Creations Festival: A Toronto Symphony
Roy Thomson Hall 2013-03-09 (Saturday)

Baku, Eater of Dreams (Petra Glynt / Stained Glass)
The White House 2013-03-09 (Saturday)

Matthew Shipp Trio (Clifton Joseph)
Lula Lounge 2013-03-10 (Sunday)

Prosimii (Dilly Dally / Terror Lake)
Saving Gigi 2013-03-15 (Friday)

The Whirly Birds (Helsynki)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-03-15 (Friday)

The Ballads Reimagined, Part Three: Voice (feat. L CON / Isla Craig / Caylie Staples)
Saving Gigi 2013-03-16 (Saturday)

Wavelength 556 (feat. Valgeir Sigurðsson / Prince Nifty / Michelle McAdorey)
Monarch Tavern 2013-03-21 (Thursday)

Long Winter Vol. 5 (feat. The Besnard Lakes / Cold Specks / The Skeletones Four / Burning Love / Petra Glynt / Emma McKenna / Andre Ethier / Kool Thing / Elsa)
The Great Hall 2013-03-23 (Saturday)

Wavelength 557 (feat. Shotgun Jimmie / Gregory Pepper & His Problems / Baby Eagle / Dave Schoonderbeek)
Monarch Tavern 2013-03-29 (Friday)

This Mess (HUT / WTCHS / Dumb Moms / Creep Highway)
The White House 2013-03-30 (Saturday)

Chelsea Light Moving (Fossils)
Lee's Palace 2013-03-31 (Sunday)

Body Help (win WIN du)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-04-03 (Wednesday)

The Bicycles (Hooded Fang / The Magic)
Lula Lounge 2013-04-04 (Thursday)

Spectrum: "What Is Toronto?"
Al Green Theatre 2013-04-05 (Friday)

The Flatlanders (Joe Pug)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-04-09 (Tuesday)

Moon King (Absolutely Free / Army Girls)
The Drake Underground 2013-04-10 (Wednesday)

LIVE IMAGES (feat. Tim Hecker / Slow-Pitch)
St. Anne's Anglican Church 2013-04-11 (Thursday)

Exhale Turns 1! (feat. Wicked Witches / Blonde Elvis / Petra Glynt)
Rainbow Palace 2013-04-12 (Friday)

Feast In The East 24 (feat. Nadja / Slim Twig / Young Mother / New Positions)
Polyhaus 2013-04-13 (Saturday)

Crosswires (feat. The Whirly Birds / Moonwood / Kite Hill)
Handlebar 2013-04-14 (Sunday)

Baby Dee & Little Annie (Bruce Peninsula Trio / Alex Lukashevsky)
Monarch Tavern 2013-04-15 (Monday)

Wavelength 559: LIVE IMAGES (feat. Lina Allemano Four / Eucalyptus / Del Bel)
CineCycle 2013-04-16 (Tuesday)

Shannon Graham and The Storytellers
Gallery 345 2013-04-17 (Wednesday)

The Glenn Gould School New Music Ensemble
The Royal Conservatory of Music (Conservatory Theatre) 2013-04-18 (Thursday)

Eve Egoyan
Glenn Gould Studio 2013-04-19 (Friday)

Silent Shout (feat. Tenderness / Violence / Petra Glynt / Vierance)
The White House 2013-04-19 (Friday)

Record Store Day (feat. Tess Parks / Language Arts / Lullabye Arkestra / Beliefs / William Tyler)
Sonic Boom 2013-04-20 (Saturday)

LIVE IMAGES (feat. Hamid Drake + David Mott)
St. Anne's Anglican Church 2013-04-20 (Saturday)

Swap & Rock fundraiser show for Girls Rock Camp (feat. Little Dirts / Blonde Elvis / Sphinxs / The Bicycles / Persian Rugs)
The Garrison (front room) 2013-04-21 (Sunday)

Spires That In The Sunset Rise (Holiday Rambler / Matt "Doc" Dunn & Carl Didur)
The White House 2013-04-25 (Thursday)

Colleen Green (Always / Planet Creature / Unfinished Business)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2013-04-28 (Sunday)

The Highest Order (Milk Lines / Comet Control)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-05-04 (Saturday)

The Good Family
Dakota Tavern 2013-05-09 (Thursday)

Feast In The East Anniversary (feat. Absolutely Free / Fresh Snow / Ostrich Tuning / Black Walls)
Plan B Café 2013-05-10 (Saturday)

Weird Canada Showcase (feat. Zachary Fairbrother Guitar Orchestra / Soul Sisters Supreme Redux Version 2.0 / Wyrd Visions and Jennifer Castle)
The Music Gallery 2013-05-11 (Saturday)

Mimico (Young Mother)
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-05-11 (Saturday)

The Thing
The Rex 2013-05-16 (Thursday)

METZ (Odonis Odonis / The Soupcans)
Lee's Palace 2013-05-17 (Friday)

Wavelength 560 (feat. HotKid / Young Mother / Thick Shakes / Wake Island / Fighter/Lover)
Soybomb HQ 2013-05-18 (Saturday)

Colin Stetson (Bernice)
The Great Hall 2013-05-19 (Sunday)

The Beverleys (Say Domino / I Smell Blood/ Meeko Cheech
Clinton's Tavern 2013-05-22 (Wednesday)

Steam Whistle UNSIGNED (feat. The C'mons / beliefs / Hussy)
Steam Whistle Brewery 2013-05-24 (Friday)

Emergents V (feat. ΔTENT + (insert TITLE))
The Music Gallery 2013-05-25 (Saturday)

Silent Shout (feat. Ken Park / You'll Never Get to Heaven / Cell Memory / Princess Century)
Double Double Land 2013-05-25 (Saturday)

The Somewhere There Summer Series #1 (feat. Paul Newman / The See Through Trio / Joe Sorbara + Friends)
Array Space 2013-05-26 (Sunday)

junctQín keyboard collective: Firsts
Gallery 345 2013-05-27 (Monday)

Hooded Fang (Blonde Elvis / Planet Creature / Weaves)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-05-31 (Friday)

Abigail Lapell (Gabe Levine / Ben Hermann)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-06-01 (Saturday)

Pinball Sessions Launch Party (feat. Ketamines / Zebrassieres / Start Something)
3030 2013-06-01 (Saturday)

Jonathan Richman (Stephanie Nilles)
The Great Hall 2013-06-05 (Wednesday)

The Shivas (B-17 / Comet Control / Ostrich Tuning)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-06-06 (Thursday)

Fountain of Mouth (feat. THOMAS / Laura Barrett / The Magic / Henri Fabergé)
Fountain 2013-06-08 (Saturday)

Burn Down The Capital Showcase (feat. Carl Didur / undo / C. Spencer Yeh)
The Music Gallery 2013-06-08 (Saturday)

Beams (Sea Monsters / Hairy Holler)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-06-08 (Saturday)

Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society (Martin Arnold)
Array Space 2013-06-10 (Monday)

Sharif Sehnaoui (Fleshtone Aura / Ido Govrin + Adam Scime / The Knot)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-06-11 (Tuesday)

North by North East (NXNE)

  • Wednesday 2013-06-12: Tin Angel Records Showcase (feat. Bernice / Ed Askew / Two Wings / Mike O'Neill / Marker Starling) (preliminary notes)
  • Thursday 2012-06-13: Pretty Pretty Showcase (feat. Dream Affair / Black Marble / Cellphone / Ell V Gore / No Joy / Tonstartssbandht / Kontravoid) (preliminary notes)
  • Friday 2013-06-14 (feat. Mexican Slang / We Were Heads / Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano / Luylas / Majical Cloudz) (preliminary notes)
  • Saturday 2013-06-15 (feat. Andrea Parkins / THIGHS / Lean Left / Tangiers) (preliminary notes)
  • Sunday 2013-06-16 (feat. The Beverleys / Ell V Gore / Lower / Iceage) (preliminary notes)

"Don't Trust Anyone Under 30" – 159 Manning BBQ 2013 (feat. Breeze / Lost Babies / Joseph and the Mercurials / Fill Spectre / Biblical / Choir! Choir! Choir! / Young Mother / The Most Loyal / Sacred Harp Singers / Greys)
159 Manning 2012-06-14 (Friday)

Exclaim! Patio Day Party (feat. Beams / Joel Dalton & the Idaho Stop / The Effens / catl.)
Menalon's Patio 2013-06-15 (Saturday)

Hot Tar: The VICE Party at NXNE (feat. Milk Lines / Cellphone / TV Freaks / Single Mothers)
360 Dufferin St. Parking Lot 2013-06-15 (Saturday)

Luminato Festival: Sahara Desert Blues (feat. Bombino / Amadou and Mariam)
David Pecaut Square 2013-06-16 (Sunday)

Ben Billington + Ryley Walker (Not The Wind, Not The Flag / Knurl)
The Tranzac (Tiki Room) 2013-06-21 (Friday)

Matana Roberts (Kyle Brenders Quartet)
The Music Gallery 2013-06-22 (Saturday)

Pachamama (Prince Nifty)
Holy Oak Café 2013-06-22 (Saturday)

Hoover Party (Mas Aya / Jennifer Castle / Ian Russell)
Tibet Kitchen 2013-06-23 (Sunday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-06-25 (Tuesday)

Love Nation Night No. 2 (feat. The Draperies / Kosher Dill Spears / Peet Moss)
Holy Oak Café 2013-06-27 (Thursday)

Kick OUT the Jams (feat. Light Fires / Carole Pope / Diamond Rings)
Pride Toronto – South Stage 2013-06-28 (Friday)

Vieux Farka Touré
Harbourfront Centre 2013-06-30 (Sunday)

The Big Sound
Harbourfront Centre 2013-07-01 (Monday)

A night of covers: A celebration of Chris Levoir (feat Keith and Dave Hamilton and Co. / The Cruelty Party / Jetset Motel / Pete Carmichael and Co. / Proof of Ghosts / Program / The Big Sound / Planet Creature / Lex Valentine and Co. / Mad Ones + The Exchanges / Joy / Action Makes / The Carnations with Ian Blurton)
The Great Hall 2013-07-04 (Thursday)

Eric Chenaux/John Oswald (Doug Tielli/Mike Gennaro)
Musideum 2013-07-05 (Friday)

Afrofest 2013 – Day 1 (feat. Kae Sun / Waleed Abdulhamid / Donné Roberts / Blaise LaBamba / Alpha Blondy)
Woodbine Park 2013-07-06 (Saturday)

Afrofest 2013 – Day 2 (feat. Amadou Keinou / Ijo Vudu / Okavango African Orchestra / Femi Abosede & Culture Force)
Woodbine Park 2013-07-07 (Sunday)

Wavelength 569 (feat. Gay / HUT / Man Made Hill / Dilly Dally)
Double Double Land 2013-07-11 (Thursday)

Weird Canada presents "An Evening of Avant-Garage" (feat. JLK / Wolfcow / DAS RAD / Babysitter)
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-07-12 (Friday)

Henri Fabergé's Feint of Hart, Parts I & II
Videofag 2013-07-13 (Saturday)

The Music Gallery's Emergents Series, Harbourfront Edition (feat. Petra Glynt / Mas Aya)
Harbourfront Centre (R------ Stage) 2013-07-14 (Sunday)

Somewhere There Summer Series #7 (feat. King Weather / Lila Ensemble)
Array Space 2013-07-14 (Sunday)

MagicEyeImage (Cameron/Gill/Driver / Colin Fisher)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-07-16 (Tuesday)

Woods (Parquet Courts / Jennifer Castle)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-07-17 (Wednesday)

Offerings Benefit (feat. Still Boys / Full Moon / Eucalyptus)
Double Double Land 2013-07-19 (Friday)

Poor Pilgrim Island Show 6 (feat. Eucalyptus / L CON / Pachamama / Bernice / Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0 / Steve Kado's 2003 / Nick Ferrio)
Toronto Island 2013-07-21 (Sunday)

Strange Oceans II: Celestial Slaves (feat. Ostrich Tuning / Ken Park / Mystic Triangle / Beard Closet)
Holy Oak Café 2013-07-24 (Wednesday)

Jay Arner (Elsa / No Breakup / Brave Parents)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-07-25 (Thursday)

Wavelength 570: The Regent Park Courtyard Session (feat. Weaves / Bizzarh / Pursuit Grooves / Bad Passion)
Courtyard at Daniels Spectrum 2013-07-26 (Friday)

Zacht Automaat (Fleshtone Aura / Sacred Lamp)
Double Double Land 2013-07-27 (Saturday)

Kelly McMichael and The Gloss (The Magic / Blimp Rock)
Clinton's Tavern 2013-07-31 (Wednesday)

Light Fires (Triple Gangers / Ken Park)
The Piston 2013-08-01 (Thursday)

Wish (Kestrels / Moves / Tess Parks)
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-08-02 (Friday)

Ell V Gore (Cartoons / Fill Spectre / Huren)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-08-03 (Saturday)

Somewhere There Summer Series #10 (feat. Michael Trommer / Clutton/Lassonde/Segger/Segger)
Array Space 2013-08-04 (Sunday)

Deciduous (J.M. McNab)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-08-07 (Wednesday)

Sacred Lamp
Grasshopper Records 2013-08-08 (Thursday)

Tusks (G. Smith and the Bad Dreamers / Neil Haverty)
3030 2013-08-08 (Thursday)

Wavelength/ALL CAPS! Island Festival – Day 1 (feat. The Blow / biZzarh / Shotgun Jimmie / Beekeeper / ev ree wuhn / Most People / Unfinished Business)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2013-08-10 (Saturday)

Wavelength/ALL CAPS! Island Festival – Day 2 (feat. Rich Aucoin / catl. / Beliefs / Elfin Saddle / Eons / Pachamama / Watershed Hour)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2013-08-11 (Sunday)

SummerWorks Music Series: Snowblink's Original Touch
BLK BOX 2013-08-14 (Wednesday)

SummerWorks Music Series: Young Drones starring The Bicycles + feat. John Southworth
BLK BOX 2013-08-15 (Thursday)

SummerWorks Music Series: The Wooden Sky's Travelling Adventure Show
Lower Ossington Theatre [and beyond!] 2013-08-16 (Friday)

SummerWorks Music Series: Maylee Todd's Musical Planetarium
The Great Hall 2013-08-17 (Saturday)

Mattyfest Summerslam BBQ 2013 (feat. Grey Kingdom / Teenanger / Milk Lines / Alvvays / Marine Dreams / Jennifer Castle / Comet Control)
Parts & Labour 2013-08-18 (Sunday)

Fiver (The Weather Station / James Irwin)
Holy Oak Café 2013-08-20 (Tuesday)

Out Of The Box Music & Arts Festival presents Attack of the 100 ft Bands (feat. The Skeletones Four / BA Johnston / Vinnie Vegas and Les Fuckfaces / MIP Power Trio )
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-08-22 (Thursday)

Out Of The Box Music & Arts Festival presents Dollarstore Spaceship (feat. The Beverleys / Dany Laj & the Looks / Chrymes / Alphabot)
Handlebar 2013-08-23 (Friday)

Pleasence Records Release Party (feat. TAIWAN / Hobo Cubes / New Positions / Tranz DéFoncé / Doom Tickler)
The Red Cherry Bar & Grill's basement 2013-08-24 (Saturday)

Riot Fest – Day 2 (feat. Best Coast / Dinosaur Jr. / Rocket From the Crypt / The Weakerthans / Iggy & The Stooges / The Replacements)
Garrison Common 2013-08-25 (Sunday)

The New Mendicants
The Dakota Tavern 2013-08-26 (Monday)

Surinam (Mexican Slang / Walk North / Prosimii)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-08-29 (Thursday)

INTERsection (feat. Acid Brass / Undefined / Array Music / Réa Beaumont / TorQ Percussion / The University of Toronto Percussion Ensemble)
Yonge-Dundas Square 2013-08-31 (Saturday)

The Auras (The BB Guns / Sun Stone Revolvers)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-08-31 (Saturday)

INTERsection: Saxopalooza! (feat. The University of Toronto Saxophone Ensemble)
The Music Gallery 2013-09-01 (Sunday)

Robyn Hitchcock (Kate Boothman)
The Drake Underground 2013-09-03 (Tuesday)

Robyn Hitchcock (Kate Boothman)
The Drake Underground 2013-09-04 (Wednesday)

Constellation: A Night In Toronto (feat. Esmerine / Matana Roberts / Dundasa 80 / Saltland / Jerusalem In My Heart)
The Great Hall 2013-09-05 (Thursday)

Cassette Store Day (feat. Doc Dunn / Jesse Laderoute / Black Walls)
Sonic Boom 2013-09-07 (Saturday)

Ohbijou + friends
The Great Hall 2013-09-07 (Saturday)

Jóhann Jóhannsson & The ACME String Quartet
The Music Gallery 2013-09-08 (Sunday)

Ken Aldcroft & William Parker
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-09-09 (Monday)

Wavelength 573 (feat. Lichens / Sing Leaf / HVYWTR)
The Garrison 2013-09-10 (Tuesday)

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
The Dakota 2013-09-12 (Thursday)

Toronto Homicide Squad (SARIN / Man Made Hill / Dumb Moms)
961A College Street 2013-09-12 (Thursday)

Spectrum presents "Interface"
Measure 2013-09-13 (Friday)

Sun Stone Revolvers (Invasions / Spectre)
El Mocambo 2013-09-14 (Saturday)

Not the Wind, Not the Flag (Forget the Times / Matt "Doc" Dunn)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-09-17 (Tuesday)

Pere Ubu (Gagarin)
Lee's Palace 2013-09-18 (Wednesday)

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
The Dakota Tavern 2013-09-19 (Thursday)

Wavelength 574 (feat. Zoo Owl / YlangYlang / Téléphone Maison / Hazy (Trafalgar) Mystique / Bile Sister)
Creatures Creating 2013-09-20 (Friday)

Bloor Ossington Folk Festival (feat. Julie Doiron / Pick A Piper / Memoryhouse / Grand Analog / Minotaurs)
Christie Pits 2013-09-21 (Saturday)

Michael Morley (Tom Carter / Beard Closet)
Double Double Land 2013-09-21 (Saturday)

Bloor Ossington Folk Festival (feat. Lemon Bucket Orchestra / The Golden Dogs / Bidiniband / catl / The Schomberg Fair / Ken Whiteley / Beams / Sandman VC)
Christie Pits 2013-09-22 (Sunday)

Wavelength 575 (feat. Justin Walter / Omhouse / Black Walls)
Monarch Tavern 2013-09-24 (Tuesday)

Kyle Brenders Quartet (Mike Gennaro/Nigel Taylor Duo)
Array Space 2013-09-25 (Wednesday)

Dieter Moebius (BRR / Man Made Hill)
Double Double Land 2013-09-26 (Thursday)

Interstellar Orchestra
Imperial Pub (back room) 2013-09-27 (Friday)

Tomomi Adachi [solo + with Joe Sorbara / Christine Duncan / Pete Johnston / Lina Allemano] (Karen Ng + Paul Newman)
Array Space 2013-09-29 (Sunday)

Soundstreams with Tõnu Kaljuste + Choir 21: The Music of Arvo Pärt
Koerner Hall 2013-10-01 (Tuesday)

Wavelength 576 (feat. Our Founders / Heartbeat Hotel / Bad Channels)
The Piston 2013-10-03 (Thursday)

The Saffron Sect (New Horizzzons / Ostrich Tuning / Tess Parks / Elissa Mielke)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-10-04 (Friday)

Atsuko Chiba (Hairy Holler / Junior Bob / Moonwood)
916A College St. 2013-10-05 (Saturday)

New Music Concerts: STEFAN meets ANTON and MORTY meets JOHN
Betty Oliphant Theatre 2013-10-06 (Sunday)

Ketamines (Mexican Slang / Freak Heat Waves / Viet Cong)
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-10-07 (Monday)

Crystal Stilts (Zachary Cale / The Auras)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-10-08 (Tuesday)

Feast In The East 30 (feat. Picastro / Khôra / Loom / Jason Doell)
Gerrard Art Space 2013-10-10 (Thursday)

X Avant VIII (feat. Quartetski / Gordon Grdina Trio)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-11 (Friday)

Wavelength 577 (feat. Sapphire Slows / HVYWTR + The Deeep)
Double Double Land 2013-10-11 (Friday)

X Avant VIII (feat. The FLUX Quartet)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-12 (Saturday)

X Avant VIII (feat. Charlemagne Palestine / Rose Bolton)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-13 (Sunday)

Audiopollination 11.2 (feat. bAgg*fisH with Joe Sorbara / Ken Aldcroft / Rob Piilonen / Kyle Brenders)
Array Space 2013-10-16 (Wednesday)

X Avant VIII (feat. Not The Wind, Not The Flag & William Parker / Eucalyptus)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-17 (Thursday)

X Avant VIII (feat. Ensemble Supermusique)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-18 (Friday)

Chang-A-Lang (Terror Lake / The Cheap Speakers / Motor Goat)
Magpie Taproom 2013-10-19 (Saturday)

X Avant VIII (feat. Gurpreet Chana / Alaniaris + Scott Good)
The Music Gallery 2013-10-20 (Sunday)

Beliefs (Is/Is)
The Piston 2013-10-20 (Sunday)

Threads Quintet (Ken Aldcroft)
The Emmet Ray 2013-10-21 (Monday)

Jacco Gardner (Slim Twig / Other Colors / The Taste)
The Garrison 2013-10-22 (Tuesday)

The Mike Smith Company
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-10-23 (Wednesday)

Esprit Orchestra: New Era Launch
Koerner Hall 2013-10-24 (Thursday)

Marine Dreams (Alvvays / Baby Eagle)
Izakaya Sushi House 2013-10-24 (Thursday)

The Thin Edge New Music Collective: 6 Degrees of Separation
Gallery 345 2013-10-25 (Friday)

Disappears (Weekend)
The Garrison 2013-10-25 (Friday)

Toronto Does Toronto II (feat. Sandro Perri / Alex Lukashevsky / Tamara Lindeman / Chuck Erlichman & Doug Paisley / Matt Smith / David Como)
Holy Oak Café 2013-10-27 (Sunday)

Death to T.O. 3: A Halloween Covers Show (feat. The Highest Order / Teenanger / Ell V Gore / Soupcans + Cellphone / Digits / Young Mother / S.H.I.T. / Michael Rault / Biblical / Dilly Dally / Mexican Slang / Tess Parks)
The Silver Dollar Room + Comfort Zone 2013-10-31 (Thursday)

AroarA (Soul Sisters [Braids edition])
The Dakota Tavern 2013-11-01 (Friday)

Crystal Antlers (The Highest Order / The Two Koreas)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-11-01 (Friday)

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan (Jef Barbara)
The Garrison 2013-11-06 (Wednesday)

U.S. Girls (Onakabazien / Street Gnar / Ice Cream)
Double Double Land 2013-11-07 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year 2, Volume 1 (feat. Wake Island / Esther Grey / Bidiniband / Abyss / Lido Pimienta / Cellphone / King Cobb Steelie / Ketamines / Ell V Gore / Kontravoid)
The Great Hall 2013-11-08 (Friday)

Wavelength 580 (feat. TROG / DAS RAD / Wolfcow / Surinam)
The White House 2013-11-09 (Saturday)

Crosswires (feat. The Jim Storie Juniors)
Handlebar 2013-11-10 (Sunday)

Wooden Shjips (Cave)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2013-11-10 (Sunday)

Fiver (Timber Timbre)
The Royal Cinema 2013-11-13 (Wednesday)

Evening Hymns (Andy Shauff)
The Drake Underground 2013-11-14 (Thursday)

Light Fires
Toronto Public Library (Sanderson Branch) 2013-11-15 (Friday)

ANAMAI (Ostrich Tuning / Hell$)
Holy Oak Café 2013-11-15 (Friday)

Poolah Lee [Colin Fisher/Phil Melanson] (Father Figure)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-11-16 (Saturday)

Esprit Orchestra: O Gamelan
Koerner Hall 2013-11-17 (Sunday)

Crocodiles (Wymond Miles)
Lee's Palace 2013-11-19 (Tuesday)

Fucked Up (S.H.I.T. / Odonis Odonis)
The Garrison 2013-11-20 (Wednesday)

Lou Reed: Live Tribute (feat. Mike Mikocic / Dave Schoonderbeek / Autumn Stones / Broken Bricks / Suitcase Sam / Lily Frost with Jose Contreras / By Divine Right / Ian Blurton / Dan Burke / The Flowers of Hell / Andre Ethier / Blonde Elvis / Ostrich Tuning / Steven Leckie / Matt Mason / Patti Cake)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-11-21 (Thursday)

All Toronto's Parties (feat. Still Boys Holiday Rambler / Ken Park / Gay / Young Guv / Lido Pimienta / MATROX)
The Garrison 2013-11-22 (Friday)

The Green Ray (Spectre / Programm / Kristina King)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-11-23 (Saturday)

Shannon and The Clams (Milk Lines / Chico No Face)
The Silver Dollar Room 2013-11-25 (Monday)

Jay Holy (Bile Sister / New Chance / Barbara)
961a College St. 2013-11-28 (Thursday)

The Beverleys (Crosss / Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs / Wants)
The White House 2013-11-29 (Friday)

Punchclock Showcase (feat. New Fries / LLVK / Carl Didur / Petra Glynt)
Double Double Land 2013-11-30 (Saturday)

Wavelength 583: The Bass Piano (feat. Ryan Driver/Justin Haynes/Michael Davidson / Marilyn Lerner/Nicole Rampersaud / Andrew Wedman/Robin Buckley)
Creatures Creating Gallery 2013-12-01 (Sunday)

Ronley Teper's Lipliners
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-12-03 (Wednesday)

Healing Power Festive Fest (feat. Brodie West / Matt "Doc" Dunn / Colonel Cinnamon / Jennifer Castle / Colin Fisher / Hoover Party / Skull Bong / Mas Aya)
The Tranzac 2013-12-06 (Friday)

Silent Shout (feat. Sean Nicholas Savage / Sing Leaf / Ice Cream)
Double Double Land 2013-12-09 (Monday)

Bespoken (Christopher Willes + ensemble / Allison Cameron)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2013-12-10 (Tuesday)

Black Walls (ANAMAI / Alex J. Hamlyn)
June Records 2013-12-11 (Wednesday)

Emergents I: Strange Strings
The Music Gallery 2013-12-12 (Thursday)

Moon King (HSY)
The Drake Underground 2013-12-12 (Thursday)

Long Winter: Year 2, Volume 2 (feat. Milk Lines / Demolition / Hooded Fang / Omhouse / Beliefs / I Am Robot and Proud / LLVK / Doldrums / Fresh Snow / MATROX)
The Great Hall 2013-12-13 (Friday)

The 2nd annual Christmas show (feat. Ian Kehoe / Soft Hell / Dilly Dally / Dog Day)
CineCycle 2013-12-14 (Saturday)

Kith & Kin's Holiday Wassail
The Music Gallery 2013-12-15 (Sunday)

Audiopollination #13 (feat. Joe Sorbara plus Andrew Lauzon / Sean Traczyle / Darlene Cuevas / Ruth Levin / James Atin-Godden / Aniqa Qadir / Victor Xu)
Array Space 2013-12-17 (Tuesday)

Jason Collett presents The Basement Revue (feat. Margaret Atwood + Sadies / Rae Spoon / Tabatha Southey / Operation Snatch / Lowell / Ann Waldman + AroarA / Light Fires)
Adelaide Hall 2013-12-19 (Thursday)

Little Match Girl Passion (GREX)
The Music Gallery 2013-12-20 (Friday)

Ken Aldcroft/Colin Fisher/Mike Gennaro (Lîla Trio)
Imperial Pub backroom 2013-12-21 (Saturday)

Kappa Chow (Mean Tikes / Construction & Destruction)
Handlebar 2013-12-23 (Monday)

Jason Collett presents The Basement Revue (feat. Zoe Whittall / Dan Griffin / Garage City / Charlotte Cornfield / Brendan Canning)
The Dakota Tavern 2013-12-26 (Thursday)

David Prentice (with Jon Oswald / Arthur Bull / Scott Thomson / Germaine Liu)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2013-12-27 (Friday)

The Garrison's 4th Annual Boxing Day Special Festival & Food Drive (feat. LIPS / New Positions / The Garritones)
The Garrison 2013-12-27 (Friday)

Long Winter: KIDS (feat. The Woodshed Orchestra / Unfinished Business / Space Chums / Lido Pimienta / Hooded Fang)
The Great Hall 2013-12-28 (Saturday)

Zacht Automaat (Matt "Doc" Dunn / Coca Cola)
Double Double Land 2013-12-28 (Saturday)

Somewhere There (feat. "Build to Suit" / Diane Roblin/Arthur Bull
Array Space 2013-12-29 (Sunday)

Shows above without links will be written up as time permits [i.e. not soon]. Recordings from many of these can be found if you dig through the tag cloud in the sidebar.

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  1. By one count I went to 253 gigs in 2013. (The final tally will be a little higher.)

    By Month:
    Jan: 14
    Feb: 23
    Mar: 16
    Apr: 20
    May: 16
    Jun: 26
    Jul: 19
    Aug: 23
    Sep: 25
    Oct: 27
    Nov: 23
    Dec: 22

    Here is every venue that I was at more than once:

    18 gigs
    The Music Gallery

    17 gigs
    The Silver Dollar Room

    14 gigs
    Double Double Land

    13 gigs
    The Great Hall

    12 gigs
    The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge)

    11 gigs
    The Tranzac (Main Hall)

    10 gigs
    The Garrison

    9 gigs
    Array Space

    8 gigs
    The Horseshoe Tavern

    7 gigs
    Holy Oak Café
    The White House

    6 gigs
    Izakaya Sushi House
    The Drake Underground

    5 gigs
    Lee's Palace
    The Dakota Tavern

    4 gigs
    Koerner Hall
    Monarch Tavern
    The Piston

    3 gigs
    961a College St.
    Creatures Creating
    Gallery 345
    Harbourfront Centre
    Roy Thomson Hall
    Sonic Boom

    2 gigs
    Artscape Gibraltar Point
    Betty Oliphant Theatre
    Clinton's Tavern
    Gerrard Art Space
    Grasshopper Records
    Imperial Pub (back room)
    Lula Lounge
    Saving Gigi
    St. Anne's Anglican Church
    The Shop under Parts & Labour
    Woodbine Park