Monday, May 27, 2013

Recording: Joe Sorbara and Friends

Artist: Joe Sorbara and Friends

Song: Abakos [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space ("Somewhere There Summer Series #1"), May 26, 2013.

Joe Sorbara and Friends - Abakos [excerpt]

Full review to follow. Still in its desert-wandering phase, Somewhere There remains without a home. But for ten Sundays over the next couple months, it will be figuratively crashing on the couch at Array's cozy performance space. Starting at eight and done at ten, these will serve as sweet PWYC outros to your weekends, so keep an eye on their calendar for more info on the upcoming shows.

To close out the night, percussionist Joe Sobara brought together all the night's performers and more for a run through this new-ish composition. After a series of solos and duos from the ensemble, I was keeping half an eye on the score, and I suspected something inneresting was coming when a page was flipped and the next one was filled mostly with text. The stretch reproduced here is what happened next. If you get lost in the definition, just grab onto that bassline, intoning "Ab-a-cus, ab-a-cus" over and over like a koan.

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