Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recording: Arraymusic + Paul Dutton

Artist: Arraymusic + Paul Dutton

Song: Snare, Kick, Rack and Floor

Recorded at Elizabeth Beeton Auditorium, Toronto Reference Library ("New Music 101" – Volume 1), April 8, 2013.

Arraymusic + Paul Dutton - Snare, Kick, Rack and Floor

Well, as previewed in this space, this was a most intriguing night, with Arraymusic showing their flexibility in providing two very different musical backdrops to the readings of poets Jill Battson (dustbowl drift) and Paul Dutton (percussive spatter). The second half flipped the script as Eve Egoyan spoke and gave a few brief musical demonstrations. The series continues for three more Monday night sessions at the Reference Library.

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