Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sunday Playlist #39

Sunday Playlist #39: Cosmic Thing

It's a little quiet for new stuff just now, and I don't have anything from the backlog quite ready to go yet, so here's a special Wednesday Playlist just to keep things fresh. Leaning back and vibing out are recommended.

The Necks - excerpt from an improvisation (first set)

Gardenia and Nick Storring - excerpt from an improvisation

Flowers of Hell - O [excerpt]

The Element Choir - excerpt from an improvisation

Matthew "Doc" Dunn - Music Gallery Performance (excerpt)

Doc Dunn is part of a lineup of artists from the freaky side of the tracks taking over the Silver Dollar tomorrow (February 7, 2013). Pachamama, Coca Cola, and Carl Didur are also on the bill — more deets here.

Sunday Playlist is a semi-regular feature that brings back some of this blog's previously-posted original live recordings for an encore. You can always click the tags below to see what I originally wrote about the shows these songs came from.

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