Saturday, August 25, 2012

Recording: Legends of Jazz Piano

Artist: Legends of Jazz Piano

Song: Erroll Garner

Recorded at Hirut, August 24, 2012.

Legends of Jazz Piano - Erroll Garner

Full review to follow. As advertised by their name, this group brought a night of Brodie West's original compositions inspired by (and named after) legends of jazz piano. That pivotal keyboard role was brought off by Ryan Driver, who I've now seen a couple other times lately in totally different contexts — he's one of those folks who deserves acclaim for being the glue in our city's musical world.

The rest of the band (Nicole Rampersaud, Jake Olerichs, Rob Clutton) are all dexterous players, handling quickly-negotiated arrangements. Oh, and tasty Ethiopian eats down at Hirut, too, making this a completely satisfying night out. Word is the band might be doing this again next month, so keep your ears open for details and then make a point of heading out east to support 'em.

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