Thursday, January 10, 2019

Recording: Array Ensemble

Artist: Array Ensemble (with Nicole Rampersaud and Germaine Liu)

Song: Kid Baltan [excerpt] [composer: Allison Cameron]

Recorded at Array Space (Allison Cameron Mini-Festival, Night 1), November 23, 2018.

Array Ensemble - Kid Baltan [excerpt]

This season's presentations from Array reflect the interests of (now former) Artistic Director Martin Arnold, so along with the return of the Rat-Drifting music series, it was no surprise to see this two-night celebration of Allison Cameron. The pair of shows were constructed to let various faucets of Cameron's work play off each other, so this night of compositions and graphic scores for chamber ensemble also incorporated her bandmates in c_RL for some of the pieces. They were perhaps most prominent in "Momentum", a newly-commissioned piece, but also contributed to this one as well. "Kid Baltan" had made its debut at the Music Gallery's Gaudeamus Deconstructed event a few years ago and bears a dedication to Louis Andreissen, whose influence can be especially felt in the opening section of percussive exclamation-point jolts before settling down a little into the bricolage heard here.

As of this posting, the whole night's proceedings, including a pre-show artist talk can be seen on the archived livestream of the event:

[Image screencapped from the archived livestream.]

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