Saturday, January 26, 2019

Recording: Patrick O'Reilly + Heraclitus Akimbo

Artist: Patrick O'Reilly + Heraclitus Akimbo

Song: Gospel [composer: Ken Aldcroft]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Music By & For Ken Aldcroft XXIV), December 12, 2018.

Patrick O'Reilly + Heraclitus Akimbo - Gospel

This set saw guitarist Patrick O'Reilly playing some of Ken Aldcroft's pieces, but without his usual panoply of effects pedals. Instead, that sonic manipulation was handled by an external agent, adding some unstable twists to the proceedings. I must confess I pitched the concept for to this one, both of out an ongoing recent interest in manipulating other people's sounds, as well as having a chance at digging into Aldcroft's actual songs in a way I wouldn't be able to do on my own. Although he wouldn't've made these sorts of manipulations, Aldcroft was a dab hand with the few effects he did use, and there's some serious scholarship yet to be done on, say, his deft use of looping, especially in his solo guitar work.

You can also stream the full set if you like:

[Music By & For Ken Aldcroft will be back at The Tranzac on Wednesday, February 13th. Heraclitus Akimbo will be celebrating the release of a new solo album at the Tranzac on Wednesday, February 20th.]

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