Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Recording: Rehlinger/Webber/O

Artist: Jakob Rehlinger/Georgia Webber/Victor O

Song: [excerpt]

Recorded at Array Space (Track Could Bend #49: Fourth Anniversary All-Star Spectacular!), April 2, 2019.

Jakob Rehlinger/Georgia Webber/Victor O - [excerpt]

For its fourth anniversary, Track Could Bend once more invited back all of the past year's performers to partake in some instant bands, with names being drawn from a hat before each set. A dozen musicians took up the challenge, divided into four trios. Unexpected connections emerged — there were more violins than usual, for example — and once more the results were highly satisfying. A trip into the drone zone here, with Jakob Rehlinger's synthscapes providing the backdrop for Georgia Webber's vocalizations/violin sounds and Victor O's percussion/piano counterpoints.

[Track Could Bend is back at its Wenona home base tonight (Tuesday, June 4th) offering sets from Mike Barber, Ashley Urquhart and Friends plus Pete Johnston's Bog Standards.]

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