Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recording: Ways+

Artist: Ways+

Song: Jammers

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #12), March 1, 2016.

Ways+ - Jammers

Just a few days after seeing Evan Cartwright and Brodie West paring things down as a duo, it was quite fascinating to see West's compositions pushed in the opposite direction in this big-band version of the group. With Nick Fraser as a second percussionist, there lots of space to explore a series of quietly off-kilter rhythms (such as "Scraping, Boiling", which opened with a lengthy, slightly-hesitant drum-groove) and a boosted front line with West's sax joined by David French's bass clarinet and Ryan Driver's flute. And as always the case, Alex Lukashevsky's sly guitar work found its own spaces in between everything else.

[Track Could Bend returns to Dundas Video on Tuesday, April 5th for its First Anniversary Spectacular, which will feature an all-star assortment of players from the series' first year both in some new recombinations as well in instant "bands-from-a-hat" improvised sets.]

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