Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Recording: Organ Mood

Artist: Organ Mood

Song: Expérience cybernétique des signes de la main

Recorded at The Garrison (Wavelength Music Festival 16 – Night 1), February 12, 2016.

Organ Mood - Expérience cybernétique des signes de la main

Wavelength's sixteenth anniversary festival was a little less adventurous than last year's sesquidecade spectacular. For the first time in recent memory, the festival settled into one home base for three nights (along with one daytime excursion off-site) and the programming eschewed retrospective turns for a future-focused weekend, daring audiences to invest in the musical here-and-now. The opening night was cleverly-constructed in its use of the space, at first pulling everyone in to the centre of the room before letting it fill into the usual crowd/stage layout. Organ Mood (Montréalers Christophe Lamarche and Mathieu Jacques) hung a large ceiling-to-floor screen in front of the stage and set up shop in the middle of the room, mixing old-school overhead projector-based visuals with electronic tracks enhanced by a series of interactive elements (including sampling an audience member's heartbeat and playing a duet with a volunteer from the crowd on a custom instrument/MIDI controller). The result was a sort of homespun spectacle, giving a DIY Jean Michel Jarre vibe.

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