Monday, March 7, 2016

Recording: Ice Cream

Artist: Ice Cream

Song: Plastic

Recorded at The Great Hall's BLK BOX (Long Winter 4.4), February 19, 2016.

Ice Cream - Plastic

It'd been a few seasons since I'd seen this cold-blooded electropop duo. In a nod to practicality, I was sad to note they'd retired the boombox that was previously used as a source of some of their beats — but I was glad to note some new songs alongside old faves like this one (how long will we have to wait for that album?). The room filled in as sets in the rooms upstairs finished and this built up to a satisfactory dance party — right up 'til the on-stage power blew near set's end. (Not sure if it's connected to all the much-needed work being done at the Great Hall, but that was the second time I saw that happen at this show.)

[This season's Long Winter will conclude over two nights at The Great Hall on March 18th and 19th, 2016.]

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