Friday, October 4, 2013

Recording: Our Founders

Artist: Our Founders

Song: White Beetle

Recorded at The Piston ("Wavelength 576"), October 3, 2013.

Our Founders - White Beetle

Full review to follow. Michael Olsen (who has played with The Hidden Cameras and many other notable local bands) celebrated the launch of The Nines, the debut album from his songwriting project Our Founders, playing guitar, keyb and even a bit of cello. Live, he was joined by a couple other flexible players with similarly busy collaborative backgrounds. Keyboard player Ghislain Aucoin is probably best known for his work in Triple Gangers, while drummer Spencer Cole can be found in Moves, Weaves, and several other projects. There were a couple spots where you could tell the trio were still finding their feet as a live unit but this was a fine introduction to the sophisticated pop that they've dubbed "outsider adult contemporary".

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