Saturday, January 12, 2013

Recording: Light Fires

Artist: Light Fires

Song: The Better

Recorded at The Great Hall ("Long Winter, Vol. 3"), January 11, 2013.

Light Fires - The Better

Full review to follow. Although Fucked Up are an international touring machine, they still maintain strong links to their hometown — roots that are replenished through events like this monthly series of pay-what-you-can curated shows, which bring together music from diverse scenes alongside food, art and installations to engage the senses. There was a really positive vibe and everything was meticulously organized. The lineup for the final instalment (February 8, 2013) is insanely stacked, so don't miss out on it.

Regina the Gentlelady has been expanding on the Light Fires concept for a little while now, but with a full-length on the way, it was a joy to quickly see her win over a room of strangers. Pushing the limits, she quite literally climbed the walls, fearlessly leapt up on suspiciously-shaky looking tables and air-drummed with abandon — a high-kicking total entertainment package.

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