Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Gig List

Feast In The East 9 (feat. Picastro / Loom / Holiday Rambler / Julian Clare Westcott)
Dickens Street Theatre 2012-01-07 (Saturday)

Herman Dune (Leif Vollebekk / Ben Caplan)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2012-01-19 (Thursday)

Pissed Jeans (Anagram / TV Freaks)
Sneaky Dee's 2012-01-20 (Friday)

DAPS All-Ages IX (feat. Dr. Ew / Holiday Rambler / Young Wife)
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 2012-01-21 (Saturday)

John K. Samson
Soundscapes 2012-01-24 (Tuesday)

Hussy (Ostrich Tuning / Mazola / This Mess)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-01-26 (Thursday)

Wavelength 533 (feat. Holiday Rambler / Giant Hand / Thieves)
Placebo Space 2012-01-27 (Friday)

Yamantaka//Sonic Titan (The Pink Noise / U.S. Girls / Sexy Merlin)
The Garrison 2012-01-28 (Saturday)

Old Foes (Tusks)
The Piston 2012-02-02 (Thursday)

Bry Webb (Doug Tielli)
The Music Gallery 2012-02-04 (Saturday)

RatTail (Skitso Convo / Cartoons)
Double Double Land 2012-02-04 (Saturday)

The Whirly Birds (Drunk Woman / Planet Creature)
The Piston 2012-02-08 (Wednesday)

Prince Nifty (Tenderness)
The Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) 2012-02-09 (Thursday)

Ladyhawk (Julie Doiron / Slow Learners)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2012-02-10 (Friday)

"Ethiopia: A Musical Perspective"
Glenn Gould Studio 2012-02-11 (Saturday)

Medusa YEAR 2 Showcase (feat. Steve Gunn / Carl Didur / Coca Cola / Sacred Lamp)
Halo Halo Village 2012-02-12 (Sunday)

Veronica Falls (Brilliant Colors / Hands & Teeth)
The Garrison 2012-02-14 (Tuesday)

Wavelength TWELVE: Night 1 (feat. Metz / Odonis Odonis / Slim Twig / Man Made Hill / Eucalyptus)
The Shop Under Parts & Labour 2012-02-16 (Thursday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength TWELVE: Night 2 (feat. Fucked Up / Bonjay / catl / Silver Dapple / Hut)
Steam Whistle Brewing 2012-02-17 (Friday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength TWELVE: Night 3 (feat. No Joy / Sandro Perri / Nat Baldwin / Off The International Radar / The Weather Station)
The Great Hall 2012-02-18 (Saturday) [preliminary notes]

Wavelength TWELVE: Night 4 (feat. PS I Love You / Burning Love / Army Girls / Motëm / Most People)
The Garrison 2011-02-19 (Sunday) [preliminary notes]

Biblical (B-17 / Fresh Snow)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2012-02-23 (Thursday)

Daps Revue Vol. I (feat. Phèdre / Hooded Fang / Doldrums / Moon King / L CON)
The Great Hall 2012-02-24 (Friday)

Scud Mountain Boys (Lee and Billy Strange)
Lee's Palace 2012-02-25 (Saturday)

Crosswires #1 (feat. Julie Doiron / Pinecones / Très Bien Ensemble)
The Garrison 2012-02-26 (Sunday)

New Creations Festival: This Isn't Silence
Roy Thompson Hall 2012-03-01 (Thursday)

Teenanger (Strange Attractor / Young Mother)
Sneaky Dee's 2012-03-01 (Thursday)

New Creations Festival: Con Brio
Roy Thompson Hall 2012-03-03 (Saturday)

New Creations Festival: Orion
Roy Thompson Hall 2012-03-07 (Wednesday)

Wazimbo & Orchestra Marrabenta de Toronto
Lula Lounge 2012-03-08 (Thursday)

Your 33 Black Angels (HotKid / The Disraelis / Beliefs / Planet Creature)
Double Double Land 2012-03-10 (Saturday)

Static Zine #3 Launch (feat. The Ruby Spirit / WAZU / Carnival Moon) + Trivia!
Rivoli 2012-03-14 (Wednesday)

Mike O'Neill
Soundscapes 2012-03-15 (Thursday)

Vanessa's Entire Heart (Maica Mia / Alex Lukashevsky / Plants of a Dissolving Colour)
Placebo Space 2012-03-17 (Saturday)

Wavelength 536: Spring Equinox Show (feat. Isla Craig / GUH)
Monarch Tavern 2012-03-20 (Tuesday)

Canadian Music Week (CMW)
Thursday 2012-03-22 (preliminary notes)
Friday 2012-03-23 (preliminary notes)
Saturday 2012-03-24 (preliminary notes)

The Wedding Present (The Jet Age / Toquiwa / Zarigani$)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2012-03-25 (Sunday)

Odonis Odonis (Silver Dapple / Rituals / Hellaluya)
Cinecycle 2012-03-30 (Friday)

AGO (Weston Family Learning Centre) 2012-03-31 (Saturday)

Hunx and His Punx (Heavy Cream / Actual Water)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-03-31 (Saturday)

Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers (Marine Dreams / Woolly Leaves / Nick Ferrio)
The Dakota Tavern 2012-04-05 (Thursday)

Tapa Diarra
NOW Lounge 2012-04-06 (Friday)

Crosswires #7 (feat. Dave MacKinnon / Canaille / Ben Veneer)
The Garrison 2012-04-08 (Sunday)

Thomas Lehn (Thomas Lehn/Germaine Liu/Lina Allemano/Nilan Perara)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2012-04-10 (Tuesday)

Not The Wind, Not The Flag (Forget The Times / HVYWTR)
Double Double Land 2012-04-12 (Thursday)

Anagram (The Soupcans / Cut Flowers)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-04-13 (Friday)

Sonic Boom Records 2012-04-14 (Saturday)

Disappears (Lotus Plaza / Beliefs)
The Garrison 2012-04-15 (Sunday)

Forest City Lovers (Kite Hill / Lisa Bozikovic)
The Great Hall 2012-04-19 (Thursday)

Newman Boys Benefit Concert (feat. Jim Guthrie / Andre Ethier / Nathan Lawr / Casey + Jenny Mecija / Basia Bulat / Bry Webb / Light Fires / Sandro Perri / Owen Pallett)
Lee's Palace 2012-04-20 (Friday)

Record Store Day (feat. Army Girls / The Darcys / Born Ruffians / Plants And Animals / Bloodshot Bill / Fresh Snow)
Sonic Boom 2012-04-21 (Saturday)

Images Festival Closing Night Gala: The Sounds of Science with live soundtrack by Yo La Tengo (Mantler)
Toronto Underground Cinema 2012-04-21 (Saturday)

Sneaky Dee's 2012-04-27 (Friday)

1st Annual Creature Fest (feat. Teen Squirrel / Mimico / Prosimii)
7 Dora Av. 2012-04-28 (Saturday)

Paper Laced with Gold
Studio Theatre @ Harbourfront Centre 2012-04-28 (Saturday)

Crosswires #10 (feat. Pants & Tie / Nick Storring / Man Made Hill / The Lost Babies)
The Garrison 2012-04-29 (Sunday)

Kids on TV present Pantheon
Studio Theatre @ Harbourfront Centre 2012-05-05 (Saturday)

Belief in the Unseen (feat. Carl Didur / Jonathan Adjemian / Fiver)
Mercer Union 2012-05-12 (Saturday)

Sandro Perri (Spring Boners / Steve Kado with...)
The Tranzac 2012-05-14 (Monday)

Spindrift (Strangers Family Band / B-17 / Ostrich Tuning)
Lee's Palace 2012-05-16 (Wednesday)

Feast In The East 14.1 (feat. Wyrd Visions / Keir Neuringer / Isla Craig)
Danny Green's Billiard Bar 2012-05-20 (Sunday)

Bruce Peninsula (Dusted / The Skeletones Four)
The Great Hall 2012-05-24 (Thursday)

Four Corners IV (feat. Absolutely Free / Odonis Odonis / Young Mother / Town Ship)
Steelworkers Hall 2012-05-25 (Friday)

Wavelength 542 / Feast in the East 14.2 (feat. Actual Water / Feel Alright / Horse Lords / Hussy)
Danny Green's Billiard Bar 2012-05-26 (Saturday)

Girls Rock Camp Fundraiser (feat. Hot Kid / Planet Creature / Das Rad / Jasmyn Burke / Terror Lake / The Beverleys)
The Silver Dollar 2012-05-29 (Tuesday)

Wavelength 543 (feat. Bry Webb / Del Bel / Lisa Bozikovic)
918 Bathurst 2012-06-01 (Friday)

Jon Langford & His Sadies (Jon Langford & Skull Orchard / Jon Langford & The Burlington Welsh Men's Chorus)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2012-06-02 (Saturday)

Falsely Accused via Facebook: A Legal Fee Fundraiser (feat. The Whirly Birds / Persian Rugs / Hollow Earth)
The Piston 2012-06-07 (Thursday)

Dog and Pony Show (feat. Trematron / Les Expulses / Childs / Fast Palace)
Polyhaus 2012-06-08 (Friday)

Omar Souleyman (Wyrd Visions)
Wrongbar 2012-06-09 (Saturday)

Luminato: Ethiopiques: The Horn Of Africa (feat. Abyssinian Roots / Debo Band)
David Pecaut Square 2012-06-10 (Sunday)

Luminato: Buena Vista West Africa (feat. Fatoumata Diawara / AfroCubism)
David Pecaut Square 2012-06-12 (Tuesday)

North by North East (NXNE)
Wednesday 2012-06-13 (preliminary notes)
Thursday 2012-06-14 (preliminary notes)
Friday 2012-06-15 (preliminary notes)
Saturday 2012-06-16 (preliminary notes)

"What We Do is Secret" – 159 Manning BBQ 2012 (feat. The Harp Twins / Julie Doiron / The Cola Heads / Unfinished Business / Marnie Herald / Choir! Choir! Choir! / Little Orton Hoggit and his Ten Cent Wings / Shellshag / Buck 65 / Cousins)
159 Manning 2012-06-15 (Friday) (preliminary notes)

Bruise Cruise (feat. Bleached / Mac DeMarco / Teenanger / Hooded Fang)
Captain Matthew Flinders 2012-06-16 (Saturday)

Family Gang Bang #1 (feat. Lil' Ed'ly Mane / Henri Fabergé / Kiz and Legin / HussyTuning)
Oz Studios 2012-06-17 (Sunday)

Flowers Of Hell (Ostrich Tuning / Volcano Playground / Magic Shadows)
Comfort Zone 2012-06-21 (Thursday)

Wavelength 545b (feat. Han Bennink/Terrie Ex/Brodie West / Detention)
Double Double Land 2012-06-22 (Friday)

Chris Corsano Trio (Not The Wind, Not The Flag / Coca-Cola)
Double Double Land 2012-06-22 (Friday)

Japandroids (Cadence Weapon)
Lee's Palace 2012-06-23 (Saturday)

Offerings 1 Year Anniversary (feat. Tropics / Thighs / Dunn/Fisher/Valdivia)
Toronto Laser Services 2012-06-24 (Sunday)

Mimico (Fiver)
Holy Oak Café 2012-06-26 (Tuesday)

Fiver (U.S. Girls / Nordic Nomadic)
The Silver Dollar 2012-06-29 (Friday)

New Traditions: Island Music and Art Festival (feat. Maria Bonita & The Band / Roofhoppers / The Elwins / Nick Teehan / Olenka & The Autumn Lovers / Lido Pimienta / Wilderness of Manitoba / Lemon Bucket Orkestra / Doldrums / Ark Analog)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2012-06-30 (Saturday)

The Hidden Cameras
Harbourfront Centre 2012-07-01 (Sunday)

Ghostlight (Karaoke / HVYWTR)
The Magpie 2012-07-04 (Wednesday)

Afrofest 2012 (feat. Mother Tongue / Lorraine Klassen / Adib Abdosh / TINA / African Guitar Summit)
Woodbine Park 2012-07-07 (Saturday)

Poor Pilgrim Island Show 5 (feat. The Weather Station / Man Made Hill / Absolutely Free / Doug Tielli / Kith and Kin / Fiver / OG Melody)
Toronto Island, various locations 2012-07-08 (Saturday)

Revolvers (Toledo / The Whirly Birds)
The Piston 2012-07-12 (Thursday)

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou (Maylee Todd)
Harbourfront Centre 2012-07-13 (Friday)

Dog Day (Marine Dreams)
The Shop Under Parts & Labour 2012-07-13 (Friday)

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (catl / Daniel Romano)
Lee's Palace 2012-07-14 (Saturday)

Feast In The East 15 (feat. Tenderness / Zacht Automaat / Absolutely Free / Lantern)
Polyhaus 2012-07-15 (Sunday)

Planet Creature (Magic Shadows / Different Skeletons / Invisible Instruments)
Clinton's Tavern 2012-07-19 (Thursday)

Diblo Dibala and Matchatcha
Lula Lounge 2012-07-22 (Sunday)

Wavelength 547 (feat. Old Acid / This Mess / Das Rad / Connoisseurs of Porn)
The Monarch Tavern (upstairs) 2012-07-27 (Friday)

Calvin Johnson (Katie and the Lichen / Laura Leif / The Walls Are Blonde)
Soybomb HQ 2012-07-28 (Saturday)

Sheroes: Virtual Season (feat. Marker Starling [f.k.a Mantler] / LAL / Kids on TV)
Cecil Street Community Centre 2012-07-29 (Sunday)

Community Noise Grrrl-Feminist Fest (feat. Pantayo / Community Noise Band / Chemical Peel / Potty Mouth)
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 2012-08-01 (Wednesday)

Harbourfront Centre (R------ Stage) 2012-08-04 (Saturday)

Matador (Brodie West/Brandon Valdivia/Ryan Driver)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2012-08-04 (Saturday)

Crosswires #24 (feat. Boys Who Say No / Shit From Hell / Jim Storie Juniors / 122 Greige)
The Garrison 2012-08-05 (Sunday)

SummerWorks: Opening Night Party (feat. Kashka / Chrome And The Ice Queen / Sheldon Holder / Warm Myth)
The Great Hall 2012-08-09 (Thursday)

The Magic (Ark Analog)
The Theatre Centre 2012-08-10 (Friday)

The ALL CAPS! Island Festival – Day 1 (feat. Triple Gangers / Esther Grey / Wet Hair / Tyvek / Choir! Choir! Choir! / Maylee Todd / Yamantaka//Sonic Titan)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2012-08-11 (Saturday) [preliminary notes]

Your 33 Black Angels (B-17)
Comfort Zone 2012-08-11 (Saturday)

The ALL CAPS! Island Festival – Day 2 (feat. Ivy Mairi / Young Mother / Canadian Winter / Absolutely Free / OG Melody / Lioness / A Place To Bury Strangers)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2012-08-12 (Sunday) [preliminary notes]

Buck 65
The Theatre Centre 2012-08-15 (Wednesday)

Aline Morales (Sandro Perri)
The Theatre Centre 2012-08-16 (Thursday)

Evening Hymns (Fiver)
The Theatre Centre 2012-08-17 (Friday)

Bry Webb (Doug Paisley)
The Theatre Centre 2012-08-18 (Saturday)

SummerWorks: Closing Night Party (feat. OG Melody / Marker Starling [f/k/a Mantler] / Tenderness / Rival Boys)
The Great Hall 2012-08-19 (Thursday)

Ryan Driver & The Weather Station: Collaborative Show
Holy Oak Café 2012-08-22 (Wednesday)

Diamond Rings
The Drake Underground 2012-08-23 (Thursday)

Moon King (Sexy Merlin / Omhouse)
Double Double Land 2012-08-24 (Friday)

Crosss (Hussy / Ostrich Tuning / Dilly Dally)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-08-31 (Friday)

INTERsection 2012 (feat. Bang On a Can All-Stars / Contact / Jim Harley / Edges / Rick Sacks (from Arraymusic) / Roman Pilates)
Yonge-Dundas Square 2012-09-01 (Saturday)

Bang on a Can All-Stars (Contact)
The Music Gallery 2012-09-02 (Sunday)

Wavelength 549 (feat. Del Bel / Minotaurs / Baby Eagle)
The Piston 2012-09-05 (Wednesday)

Jaill (Fergus & Geronimo)
Rivoli 2012-09-06 (Thursday)

Lisa Bozikovic (Kite Hill)
The Music Gallery 2012-09-07 (Friday)

Afro-European Soundscapes (feat. Werner Puntigam & Matchume Zango / Evelyn Mukwedeya & Memory Makuri)
The Music Gallery 2012-09-09 (Sunday)

Mount Eerie (Wyrd Visions / Steve Kado With...)
The Great Hall 2012-09-10 (Monday)

Dr. Ew (Orchards / Weaves / Ultron Atreides)
Clinton's Tavern 2012-09-12 (Wednesday)

Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys (Dearly Beloved)
The Garrison 2012-09-13 (Thursday)

Bombino (Michael Rault)
Rivoli 2012-09-14 (Friday)

Gentleman Reg
Christie Pits 2012-09-15 (Saturday)

Cate Le Bon (C.A. Smith)
The Rivoli 2012-09-18 (Tuesday)

Flowers Of Hell (Ostrich Tuning)
The Tranzac 2012-09-21 (Friday)

Sun Araw (Deep Magic / Weyes Blood / Skull Bong)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2012-09-24 (Monday)

Nate Young (Drainolith / The Knot / Babel)
Holy Oak Café 2012-09-26 (Wednesday)

PBR10 – Night 1 (feat. Luke Lalonde / The Acorn / Woodhands / Born Ruffians / Elliott BROOD)
The Great Hall 2012-09-27 (Thursday)

PBR10 – Night 2 (feat. Slim Twig / Yamantaka//Sonic Titan / PS I Love You / Cuff The Duke / The Rural Alberta Advantage)
The Great Hall 2012-09-28 (Friday)

PBR10 – Night 3 (feat. The Luyas / Young Galaxy / You Say Party / Austra)
The Great Hall 2012-09-29 (Saturday)

Chi Chi Fundraiser (feat. Beard Closet / Mimico / Ostrich Tuning / Iggy and The Chinagirls)
Holy Oak Café 2012-09-30 (Sunday)

Moon Duo (Rituals / Beliefs)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-10-02 (Tuesday)

Jens Lekman (Taken By Trees)
The Phoenix 2012-10-04 (Thursday)

The Soft Pack (Grounders)
The Garrison 2012-10-09 (Tuesday)

Misha Bower reads from Music for Uninvited Guests (+ music by Bruce Peninsula / Doug Paisley / Simone Schmidt / Sean Donald)
The Great Hall (Front Room) 2012-10-11 (Thursday)

METZ (Roomrunner / Ell V Gore)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2012-10-12 (Friday)

X Avant VII (feat. 5biTscience / Bob Ostertag & Pierre Hébert)
The Music Gallery 2012-10-17 (Wednesday)

Ringo Deathstarr (Kestrels / Ten Kens / Run With the Kittens)
The Garrison 2012-10-13 (Saturday)

The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2012-10-14 (Sunday)

Not The Wind, Not The Flag (The Moon / Carl Didur)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2012-10-16 (Tuesday)

X Avant VII (feat. JP Carter / Andy Haas)
OCAD University 2012-10-17 (Wednesday)

X Avant VII: A Mind/Body Split Pt. 1 (feat. Shigeto / Nick Storring)
The Music Gallery 2012-10-18 (Thursday)

X Avant VII: Undercurrents Live (feat. Contact & Sandro Perri)
The Music Gallery 2012-10-19 (Friday)

Hooded Fang (Blonde Elvis / Brews Willis / Greasy Skeletons / Tonkapuma)
Soybomb HQ 2012-10-19 (Friday)

X Avant VII (feat. Jean-François Laporte / Man Made Hill / Pon De Replay & Colin Fisher)
The Music Gallery 2012-10-20 (Saturday)

Departures (Cannon Bros.)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2012-10-23 (Tuesday)

The Wilderness of Manitoba (Kite Hill / THOMAS)
Trinity-St. Paul's 2012-10-26 (Friday)

Tusks (Gentlemen of Leisure)
The Piston 2012-11-01 (Thursday)

Psych Pop From Toronto – Night 1 (feat. The Auras / Planet Creature / Flowers of Hell / Ostrich Tuning / The Disraelis)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-11-08 (Thursday)

Toronto Public Library (Bloor/Gladstone branch) 2012-11-09 (Friday)

Psych Pop From Toronto – Night 2 (feat. Persian Rugs / BB Guns / Volcano Playground / Revolvers / B-17)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-11-09 (Friday)

Beard Closet (Elfin Choirs / THOMAS)
Holy Oak Café 2012-11-13 (Tuesday)

Mac DeMarco (Cousins / Elsa)
The Drake Underground 2012-11-14 (Wednesday)

Emergents I (feat. Adam Scime / Ton Beau Quartet)
The Music Gallery 2012-11-15 (Thursday)

The Super Friendz (Meligrove Band)
Lee's Palace 2012-11-16 (Friday)

Destination Out Showcase (feat. Doom Squad / THOMAS / Alex Lukashevsky)
The Music Gallery 2012-11-17 (Saturday)

Isla Craig (Hoover Party)
Holy Oak Café 2012-11-18 (Sunday)

MV & EE (Not The Wind, Not The Flag / There There Indigo / Black Walls)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-11-19 (Monday)

Planet SYNCATRON Warp 1 (feat. Sexy Merlin / Light Fires / boyBITCH)
Holy Oak Café 2012-11-23 (Friday)

The Highest Order (Wicked Witches)
The Silver Dollar Room 2012-11-24 (Saturday)

Kelly Hogan (Whitney Rose)
The Drake Underground 2012-12-01 (Saturday)

Gentleman Reg (Army Girls / Chinawoman)
The Gladstone Hotel (Ballroom) 2012-12-02 (Sunday)

Jem Cohen: We Have An Anchor
TIFF Lightbox 2012-12-04 (Tuesday)

The Auras (The Greggies / The Whirly Birds)
The Cameron House (back room) 2012-12-05 (Wednesday)

The Guest Bedroom (Bruised Knees)
The Garrison (front room) 2012-12-06 (Thursday)

Emergents II (feat. Claudia Chan / Véronique Mathieu)
The Music Gallery 2012-12-07 (Friday)

Telephone Explosion's Five Years Anniversary Party (feat. Crosss / Teenanger / Soupcans / Young Mother / Holy Cobras)
Hard Luck 2012-12-07 (Friday)

Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble
The Music Gallery 2012-12-09 (Sunday)

Matthew "Doc" Dunn (Jennifer Castle / Carl Didur)
Double Double Land 2012-12-12 (Wednesday)

Jason Collett's Basement Revue (feat. Fiver / Jay MillAr / Al Tuck / Jeff Latosik / Always / Pasha Malla / Jennifer Castle / Bahamas)
The Dakota Tavern 2012-12-13 (Thursday)

Feast In The East 20 (feat. Odonis Odonis / Normal Love / Blonde Elvis / Unfinished Business)
Polyhaus 2012-12-14 (Friday)

Healing Power Festive Fest (feat. Skullbong / Steve Kado / Beard Closet / Hoover Party / Odradek / Gravitons / Toblerone Boys / Castle If / Pachamama / Brodie West / HVYWTR / Not The Wind, Not The Flag) / The Tranzac 2012-12-15 (Saturday)

Kith & Kin Holiday Wassail
The Music Gallery 2012-12-16 (Sunday)

Jason Collett's Basement Revue (feat. Snowblink / AroarA / Karen Solie / Hayden / Jeremy Dodds / Buck 65 / Kevin Drew / Andy Kim / Michael Ondaatje / Feist)
The Great Hall 2012-12-20 (Thursday)

What's In The Box – Night 3 (feat. Elsa / Beliefs / Moon King / Dusted)
The Drake Underground 2013-12-28 (Friday)

What's In The Box – Night 5 (feat. Alright Alright / Breeze / Skeletones Four / Zeus)
The Drake Underground 2013-12-30 (Sunday)

Tranzac New Year's Eve (feat. Sheezer / Language-Arts / The Sunparlour Players / Let's Build Machines / Gentleman Reg / Ronley Teper's Lipliners / The Bicycles / OG Melody / Rouge)
The Tranzac 2013-12-31 (Monday)

Shows above without links will be written up as time permits.


  1. This list has 176 shows I went to in 2012. It's a little low, as it doesn't include last-minute decision things I went to that I hadn't previously entered in my "upcoming gigs" list.

    I have 204 sub-folders in my "2012 gig photos" folder, and that's probably going to be more what the final count looks like.

  2. Again, these don't include those last-minute gigs, but here's the distribution of my more-frequented venues:

    The Great Hall (includes one Conversation Room show)
    The Music Gallery

    The Garrison (includes 2 front-room shows)
    The Silver Dollar Room

    Double Double Land
    Holy Oak Café

    Lee's Palace
    The Piston
    The Shop under Parts & Labour
    The Tranzac

    The Drake Underground

    The Horseshoe Tavern

    Artscape Gibraltar Point
    Sneaky Dee's

    The Dakota Tavern
    Soybomb HQ

    I think there were a lot more places than usual that I went to see just one or two shows at. Diversity of venues!

  3. My finger is tired from scrolling down that huge list!