Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Gig List

Giant Hand (Winchester Warm)
The Imperial Pub Backroom 2011-01-06 (Thursday)

Out of This Spark 4th Anniversary Celebration (feat. OOTS Family Band / Evening Hymns / Richard Laviolette and The Oil Spills / The Pale Mornings / Jenny Omnichord / The Phonemes / Kite Hill)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-01-07 (Friday)

Frankie Rose and The Outs (Little Girls)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2011-01-12 (Wednesday)

FOUR CORNERS II (feat. Lullabye Arkestra / Quest for Fire / Sun Ra Ra Ra / Rituals)
Steelworkers Hall 2011-01-14 (Friday)

Sean Nicholas Savage (Dr. Ew / Army Girls)
!059 2011-01-15 (Saturday)

Canaille (Stop Time)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-01-21 (Friday)

Dentata (Anagram / Bruised Knees / Holy Mount)
The Silver Dollar 2011-01-21 (Friday)

Live Love Large Benefit Concert (feat. Gentleman Reg / Hooded Fang / Kat Burns)
Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto 2011-01-28 (Friday)

The C is for Cure (Matinée Show) (feat. Snowblink / Kith & Kin / The Deeep / Steven McKay)
The Music Gallery 2011-01-29 (Saturday)

The C is for Cure (Evening Show) (feat. Evening Hymns / Austra / Timber Timbre)
The Music Gallery 2011-01-29 (Saturday)

Your 33 Black Angels (Pow Wows / HotKid)
The Silver Dollar 2011-01-29 (Saturday)

Khôra (Not the Wind, Not the Flag)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-02-02 (Wednesday)

Do Make Say Think
Sonic Boom Records 2011-02-03 (Thursday)

Julie Doiron (Little Scream / Steven McKay)
The Horseshoe 2011-02-03 (Thursday)

Hush Arbors (Jason Ajemian / Loom / Spiritual Sky Blues Band)
Placebo Space 2011-02-05 (Saturday)

The Radio Dept. (Young Prisms)
Lee's Palace 2011-02-07 (Monday)

Old World Vulture (Ostrich Tuning / Epigram)
The Boat 2011-02-10 (Thursday)

Resolutionaries Marimba Band
The Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) 2011-02-11 (Friday)

catl (Steamboat / Youth Crime)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2011-02-11 (Friday)

Daps All-Ages 6 (feat. Colour Connection / Nicholas Doubleyou and The B-Squad / Hut / Abstract Random / Army Girls)
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 2011-02-12 (Saturday)

Soundscapes 2011-02-12 (Saturday)

Rebekah Higgs (Tasseomancy / Laura Barrett)
Rivoli 2011-02-12 (Saturday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Night 1 (feat. The Jim Storie Juniors / Bruised Knees / The Guest Bedroom / Anagram)
The Boat 2011-02-16 (Wednesday)

The Dears
Sonic Boom Records 2011-02-17 (Thursday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Night 2 (feat. Not The Wind, Not The Flag / Gordon Grdina’s East Van Strings / Eiyn Sof / Kite Hill)
The Music Gallery 2011-02-17 (Thursday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Night 3 (feat. Doldrums / Romo Roto / Pat Jordache / Minotaurs / Woodhands)
Steam Whistle Brewery 2011-02-18 (Friday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Studio Session #1 (feat. Not The Wind, Not The Flag / Woodhands)
The Tranzac (Tiki Room) 2011-02-19 (Saturday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Night 4 (feat. Grimes / Eric Chenaux Electric Trio / Little Girls / Maylee Todd / Hooded Fang)
The Great Hall 2011-02-19 (Saturday)

ELEVEN! The Wavelength 11th Anniversary Festival – Night 5 (feat. Ghostlight / Simply Saucer / Neon Windbreaker / LAST [Lullabye Arkestra & Steamboat Superstars Anniversary Band])
The Garrison 2011-02-20 (Sunday)

Chang-a-Lang (Terror Lake / Elk / Cigarettes)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2011-02-21 (Monday)

Okavango: An African Orchestra
Glenn Gould Studio 2011-02-25 (Friday)

Betty Burke
Holy Oak Café 2011-02-25 (Friday)

Dum Dum Girls (Minks / Dirty Beaches)
El Mocambo 2011-02-26 (Saturday)

New Creations Festival: "Short Ride In A Fast Machine"
Roy Thomson Hall 2011-03-02 (Wednesday)

Pemi Paull
The Music Gallery 2011-03-03 (Thursday)

New Creations Festival: "Electronica Meets Orchestra"
Roy Thomson Hall 2011-03-05 (Saturday)

Elfin Saddle (Picastro / Khôra)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-03-05 (Saturday)

Mantler's Visual Music
TIFF Lightbox 2011-03-09 (Wednesday)

The Balconies
Sonic Boom Records 2011-03-10 (Thursday)

CMW: Canadian Music Week
Thursday – Night 2011-03-10
Friday – in-stores 2011-03-10
Friday – Night 2011-03-11
Saturday – Afternoon 2011-03-12
Saturday – Night 2011-03-12

Wavelength 516 (feat. The Deeep / Hybrid Moments / Eons)
918 Bathurst Arts Centre 2011-03-13 (Sunday)

Christina Petrowska Quilico
Glenn Gould Studio 2011-03-17 (Thursday)

Planet Creature (Elk / Ohmno / Gentlemen... The King!)
The Piston 2011-03-19 (Saturday)

Ethio T.O. (feat. Girma Wolde Michael's Ethio Fidel / Canaille with Isla Craig)
Music Gallery 2011-03-25 (Friday)

No Shame All-Ages Matinée (feat. Ruby Coast / Modern Superstitions / Army Girls)
NOW Lounge 2011-03-26 (Saturday)

Keir Neuringer (Jonathan Adjemian / Ghost Eye)
The Earth Ship 2011-03-26 (Saturday)

Destroyer (The War on Drugs / Mantler)
Lee's Palace 2011-03-31 (Thursday)

Sonic Boom Records 2011-04-01 (Friday)

Daniel Nebiat
The Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) 2011-04-01 (Friday)

The Mountain Goats
The Opera House 2011-04-03 (Sunday)

Nomeansno (METZ)
Lee's Palace 2011-04-04 (Monday)

Daniel Romano (The Weather Station)
Dakota Tavern 2011-04-05 (Tuesday)

PS I Love You (Matters / Motëm)
The Garrison 2012-04-07 (Thursday)

Barnyard Records Triple CD Launch (feat. Rampersaud Shaw Neal Martin Krakowiak / Evan Parker/Wes Neal/Joe Sorbara / AIMToronto Orchestra)
918 Bathurst Arts Space 2011-04-09 (Saturday)

Jon Langford & His Sadies (Dean Waco / Jon Langford's Skull Orchard / The Good Family)
The Horseshoe 2011-04-15 (Friday)

Record Store Day 2011 (feat. Teenanger / Bidniband / Rouge / Ben Gunning / Sister / Light Fires)
Sonic Boom 2011-04-16 (Saturday)

The Sadies
Toronto Reference Library 2011-04-16 (Saturday)

Fergus & Geronimo (Surf City / Bruised Knees)
The Garrison 2011-04-16 (Saturday)

The Pixies (Imaginary Cities)
Massey Hall 2011-04-19 (Tuesday)

Ron Sexsmith
Sonic Boom Records 2011-04-21 (Thursday)

"Support Afrofest" Concert (feat. Ruth Mathiang + Waleed Abdulhamid / Donné Roberts / Fojeba / Resolutionaries Marimba Band / Afrafranto)
918 Bathurst Arts Centre 2011-04-22 (Friday)

Flowers Of Hell (RatTail / Planet Creature)
The Cameron House (backroom) 2011-04-23 (Saturday)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Total Life)
Lee's Palace 2011-04-24 (Sunday)

The Hoa Hoa's (Ostrich Tuning)
The Boat 2011-04-29 (Friday)

Sonic Boom Records 2011-05-01 (Sunday)

Emergents Series IV (feat. Katelyn Clark & Patrick Dupuis / GREX)
The Music Gallery 2011-05-14 (Thursday)

One Hundred Dollars (Nordic Nomadic)
The Great Hall 2011-05-13 (Friday)

Sonic Boom Records 2011-05-14 (Saturday)

Wavelength 519: Idus Maia (feat. Betty Burke / Hobson's Choice)
Holy Oak Café 2011-05-15 (Sunday)

The Ex & Brass Unbound (The Swyves)
Lee's Palace 2011-05-18 (Wednesday)

Jennifer Castle (Bahamas / Carl Didur)
The Horseshoe 2011-05-19 (Thursday)

Parks Canada Centennial Concert (feat. Sweet Thing / Malajube / Apostle of Hustle)
Tower Park East 2011-05-21 (Saturday)

The Donkeys (The Elwins)
Sneaky Dee's 2011-05-21 (Saturday)

Crystal Stilts (Actual Water / Les Fräuleins)
Sneaky Dee's 2011-05-22 (Sunday)

Jennifer Castle
Soundscapes 2011-05-24 (Tuesday)

Damon & Naomi (Amor de Días)
The Horseshoe 2011-05-25 (Wednesday)

Richard Pinhas (CCMC / Roman Pilates)
The Boat 2011-05-26 (Thursday)

The Davey Parker Radio Sound (Revolvers / Broken Bricks)
The Garrison 2011-05-27 (Friday)

Healing Power Picnic III – Part I (feat. Allison Peacock & Alia O'Brien / Claudio / Hoover Party / Jennifer Castle); Part II (feat. Guy Dallas / Sex Worker / Psychic Reality / New Civilization)
South Humber Park 2011-05-28 (Saturday)

Doug Paisley
Soundscapes 2011-05-31 (Tuesday)

Mansa Sissoko (Pasi Gunguwo + Mutamba Rainos)
Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) 2011-06-03 (Friday)

Rival Boys (The Guest Bedroom / Wax Mannequin)
The Garrison 2011-06-03 (Friday)

Doug Paisley
The Rivoli 2011-06-04 (Saturday)

Sports (Pow Wows)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2011-06-07 (Tuesday)

Nick Kuepfer (I Have Eaten The City / Silent Land Time Machine / Khôra)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-06-08 (Wednesday)

Kathryn Calder
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-06-10 (Friday)

The Beets (Brilliant Colors / Planet Creature)
The Shop Under Parts & Labour 2011-06-14 (Tuesday)

2011-06-15 (Wednesday)
2011-06-16 (Thursday)
2011-06-17 (Friday)
2011-06-18 (Saturday) (Part I | Part II)

Young Governor (Actual Water)
Kops Records 2011-06-17 (Friday)

Bruise Cruise (feat. Jesuslesfilles / Uncle Bad Touch / Young Governor / Ty Segall)
Captain Matthew Flinders 2011-06-18 (Saturday)

BBQ (TV Ghost / The Hoa Hoa's)
The Garrison 2011-06-25 (Saturday)

SIANspheric (Ringo Deathstarr)
The Garrison 2011-06-30 (Thursday)

Light Fires
Pride Toronto (Alterna-Queer Stage) 2011-07-03 (Sunday)

"Garage in the Garage" Party (feat. B-17 / Matt Murphy's "Band Jams" / Modern Superstitions)
The Garage on Dora 2011-07-03 (Sunday)

Omar Souleyman
Lee's Palace 2011-07-06 (Wednesday)

The Big Sound
The Great Hall 2011-07-08 (Friday)

Afrofest 2011 – Day 1 (feat. Anastasio & Zalang / Zekuhl / Afrafranto / Femi Abosede & Culture Force / Cheick Hamala Diabate)
Queen's Park 2011-07-09 (Saturday)

Afrofest 2011 – Day 2 (feat. Tich Maredza Band / Ijo Vudu / Ruth Mathiang and Waleed Kush / JP Buse / Dizu Plaatjies / Thomas Mapfumo)
Queen's Park 2011-07-10 (Sunday)

Thomas Mapfumo
Lula Lounge 2011-07-11 (Monday)

Kurt Vile (Woods / Arc in Round)
Lee's Palace 2011-07-13 (Wednesday)

Quest For Fire (The Shooting Guns / Holy Mount)
The Silver Dollar 2011-07-15 (Friday)

Spontaneous Combustion Anniversary Party (feat. Colin Fisher + Mark Hundevad / Pterodactyl / Ulama / Ryan Driver)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-07-16 (Saturday)

Real Estate (Dent May / RatTail)
The Garrison 2011-07-19 (Tuesday)

FOUR CORNERS III (feat. Dentata, Tropics, Boars, The Soupcans)
Steelworkers Hall 2011-07-22 (Friday)

WL 522: Band On The Run (feat. Rambunctious / Eons / Digits / Pale Mornings / Lullabye Arkestra)
various locations 2011-07-23 (Saturday)

EMA (Helado Negro)
The Garrison 2011-07-23 (Saturday)

Bana Y'Afrique Festival (feat. KacheKashala / Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba / Afrafranto)
David Pecaut Square 2011-07-24 (Sunday)

Out Of The Box Festival: 3 Dimensions Of Rock And Roll Part 1 (feat. The Hoa Hoas / Rival Boys / Planet Creature / The Davey Parker Radio Sound / The Cheap Speakers)
Toronto Underground Cinema 2011-07-29 (Friday)

Out Of The Box Festival: 3 Dimensions Of Rock And Roll Part 2 (feat. Papermaps / Heartbeat Hotel / Foxes in Fiction / Human Bodies / Trap Tiger)
Toronto Underground Cinema 2011-07-30 (Saturday)

R.R.R.R.R: Trash Art and Music Festival (feat. Makeout Videotape / Yamantaka Sonic Titan / Lemon Bucket Orchestra / Maracatu Mar Aberto
El Gordo back patio 2011-07-31 (Sunday)

Out Of The Box Festival (feat. The Jessica Stewart Few / Lake Forest / The Cautioneers/ Loom)
The Great Hall 2011-07-31 (Sunday)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Sonic Boom Records 2011-08-01 (Monday)

Handsome Furs
The Horseshoe 2011-08-01 (Monday)

Hooded Fang (Steven McKay)
SummerWorks Festival – The Lower Ossington Theatre 2011-08-05 (Friday)

The Dirt Picnic (feat. Anagram / The Holy Cobras / The Ultimatemost High / Teenanger / No No Zero / Ell V Gore)
Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 344 2011-08-06 (Saturday)

Great Bloomers (House League)
Summerworks Festival – The Lower Ossington Theatre 2011-08-10 (Wednesday)

Bruce Peninsula (Jennifer Castle)
Summerworks Festival – The Lower Ossington Theatre 2011-08-11 (Thursday)

Miracle Fortress (Ruby Coast)
Summerworks Festival – The Lower Ossington Theatre 2011-08-12 (Friday)

The ALL CAPS! Island Festival: Day 1 (feat. Moon King / Jen Castle / Monogrenade / Evening Hymns / Julie Doiron / More or Les)
Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) 2011-08-13 (Saturday)

The ALL CAPS! Island Festival: Day 2 (feat. Muskox / Dog Bus / Steamboat / The Wooden Sky / DD/MM/YYYY / Rich Aucoin)
Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island) 2011-08-14 (Sunday)

Not The Wind, Not The Flag (Sister Shade / Fleshtone Aura / Wet Nurse)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-08-18 (Thursday)

The Weather Station (Daniel Romano / Eons)
CSI Annex 2011-08-19 (Friday)

Bloodshot Bill (Pow Wows / Hellaluya / Odonis Odonis / New/France)
The Academy of Sciences 2011-08-20 (Saturday)

MV & EE (Spectre Folk / Eric Chenaux / Tradition)
Placebo Space 2011-08-21 (Sunday)

Msaada: A Fundraiser for East Africa Relief (feat. Daniel Nebiat, Donné Roberts, Njacko Backo and Val, Sonia Aimy, Hussein Adani, Yared Tesfaye)
Lula Lounge 2011-08-25 (Thursday)

The Hoa Hoa's (Revolvers)
The Boat 2011-08-25 (Thursday)

Colin Stetson (Emily Wells)
The Drake Underground 2011-08-26 (Friday)

The Hoa Hoa's (Action Makes / Your 33 Black Angels)
The Boat 2011-08-26 (Friday)

The Hoa Hoa's (Chevalier Avant Garde / Your 33 Black Angels / Planet Creature)
Troy's Loft 2011-08-27 (Saturday)

Lisa Bozikovic (Holly Andruchuk / Brothers & Sisters)
Holy Oak Café 2011-09-01 (Thursday)

Toronto New Music Marathon (feat. Flowers of Hell / Contact Contemporary Music / John Farah / Continuum Contemporary Music / Michelle Simmons / Quartetto Graphica / Tiina Kiik)
Yonge-Dundas Square 2011-09-03 (Saturday)

ALL CAPS! Decompression Show (feat. Digits / Fresh Flesh / The Weather Station)
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2011-09-04 (Sunday)

The Jim Jones Revue (Kid Congo Powers & The Pink Monkey Birds)
The Horseshoe 2011-09-13 (Tuesday)

Muskox (L CON)
The Tranzac (Main Hall) 2011-09-14 (Wednesday)

Army Girls (Tropics / Brian Borcherdt)
Double Double Land 2011-09-15 (Thursday)

Andre Ethier (Deloro / Sandro Perri)
The Horseshoe 2011-09-16 (Friday)

Prince Enoki's Insect Orchestra (The Lemon Bucket Orkestra)
Lula Lounge 2011-09-22 (Thursday)

The Raincoats (Grass Widow)
Wrongbar 2011-09-23 (Friday)

Marnie Stern (No Joy / Army Girls)
Wrongbar 2011-09-23 (Friday)

Hooded Fang (Odonis Odonis / Wio-K)
The Academy of Lions Crossfit Gym (courtyard) 2011-09-24 (Saturday)

Elliott BROOD
Sonic Boom 2011-09-27 (Tuesday)

Sidi Touré
Lula Lounge 2011-09-29 (Thursday)

Ohbijou (Julie Doiron)
Trinity-St. Paul's United Church 2011-09-30 (Friday)

Hooded Fang
Toronto Public Library (Sanderson branch) 2011-10-01 (Saturday)

Daps All Ages Vol. VII (feat. The Grapefruit Colour / Isla Craig / Mirror Phase / Loom)
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 2011-10-01 (Saturday)

Nuit Blanche
various locations 2011-10-01 (Saturday)

Veronica Falls (Army Girls / Persian Rugs)
The Shop under Parts & Labour 2011-10-02 (Sunday)

Twin Shadow (Diamond Rings)
Lee's Palace 2011-10-03 (Monday)

Bruce Peninsula
Soundscapes 2011-10-04 (Tuesday)

Wild Flag (Yellowfever)
Lee's Palace 2011-10-11 (Tuesday)

Loom (OG Melody / Elfin Choir)
Placebo Space 2011-10-13 (Thursday)

Braids (Pepper Rabbit / Born Gold)
The Horseshoe 2011-10-14 (Friday)

Dum Dum Girls (Crocodiles / Colleen Green)
Lee's Palace 2011-10-16 (Sunday)

Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Lorde Awesome)
The Garrison 2011-10-17 (Monday)

Tasseomancy (Slim Twig / Princess Century)
The Great Hall 2011-10-20 (Thursday)

Bruce Peninsula (Bahamas / Frederick Squire)
Lee's Palace 2011-10-27 (Thursday)

WL 528: Wavelength Halloween Party (feat. Corpusse)
CineCycle 2011-10-29 (Saturday)

A Winged Victory for the Sullen (Benoit Pioulard / Kyle Bobby Dunn)
The Drake Underground 2011-11-01 (Tuesday)

The Sea and Cake (Brokeback)
Lee's Palace 2011-11-05 (Saturday)

Turn 2 Stone (feat. Skull Bong / Sacred Lamp / Carl Didur)
Halo Halo Village 2011-11-06 (Sunday)

Wooden Shjips (Birds of Avalon / Biblical)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2011-11-07 (Monday)

DD/MM/YYYY (Child Bite)
918 Bathurst Centre for Culture 2011-11-10 (Thursday)

Sandro Perri (Andre Ethier)
The Tranzac 2011-11-12 (Saturday)

Sandro Perri (Hollow Earth / Brandon Valdivia / Jeff Burke)
The Tranzac 2011-11-13 (Sunday)

Inhabitants (Lone Bone / Drumheller)
The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge) 2011-11-18 (Friday)

Wavelength 529: LOVEL(IN)ESS (feat. So Much Sorry / Flowers of Hell / more)
The Garrison 2011-11-18 (Friday)

Canaille (I Am Robot and Proud)
Tranzac 2011-11-19 (Saturday)

Leftover Daylight Series (feat. Hat & Beard / Paul Dutton/Dan Friedman/Keir Neuringer/Joe Sorbara / Allison Cameron/Deaglan Wallingford-Kernohan)
Somewhere There 2011-11-25 (Friday)

Daps All Ages Vol. VIII (feat. Christien Summers / Memoryhouse / Maiko Watson)
Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture 2011-11-26 (Saturday)

Heartbeat Hotel (Ostrich Tuning / Foxes In Fiction / Carnival Moon)
The Silver Dollar 2011-11-26 (Saturday)

Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba (Daniel Nebiat)
The Great Hall 2011-11-27 (Sunday)

Devon Williams (Persian Rugs / Grounders)
The Garrison 2011-11-30 (Wednesday)

Soundscapes 2011-12-01 (Thursday)

Eve Egoyan
Glenn Gould Studio 2011-12-02 (Friday)

Hooded Fang (Army Girls / L Con)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2011-12-02 (Friday)

Wavelength 530 (feat. Ell V Gore / Soupcans / Cartoons / Tonkapuma)
Soybomb HQ 2011-12-03 (Saturday)

Doug Tielli
Soundscapes 2011-12-06 (Tuesday)

Jason Collett presents The Basement Revue (feat. The Weather Station / Joe Pernice / Snowblink / "Tex Message" / The Order of Good Cheer)
The Dakota Tavern 2011-12-06 (Tuesday)

AGOrienteering: A Cartographic Composition for the Radiant Brass Ensemble and Mobile Audience
Art Gallery of Ontario 2011-12-07 (Wednesday)

Anna Calvi (The Gift)
Lee's Palace 2011-12-08 (Thursday)

The Two Koreas (Sports / Planet Creature)
The Silver Dollar 2011-12-09 (Friday)

Highlife Help: Flood Relief Benefit (feat. Afrafranto)
Lula Lounge 2011-12-11 (Sunday)

James Chance (Slim Twig / Ell V Gore / The Soupcans)
The Silver Dollar 2011-12-16 (Friday)

Jason Collett presents The Basement Revue (feat. Brandon Canning / Andy Kim / Kevin Drew / AroarA / Feist / Danielle Duval)
The Dakota Tavern 2011-12-20 (Tuesday)

Sloan (The Rural Alberta Advantage / Ohbijou / Bonjay)
The Great Hall 2011-12-21 (Wednesday)

Wavelength 531 (feat. OPOPO / The Whirly Birds / Holy Mount / Soft Copy / This Mess)
The Garrison 2011-12-29 (Thursday)

Tranzac New Year's Eve (feat. The Weather Station / Drumhellyptus / Kite Hill / The Elwins / Moon King / Maylee Todd / Rouge / Dr. Ew)
The Tranzac 2011-12-31 (Saturday)

Shows above without links will be written up as time permits.


  1. By this list, I went to 163 shows in 2011. That is, however, a somewhat low figure, as this list only includes things that I had pre-planned to attend. Shows that I just went to on a last-minute decision weren't usually added, so there's maybe twenty more above what's there.

    A snapshot by number of visits per venue:

    Lee's Palace
    The Horseshoe Tavern

    The Garrison

    The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge)

    The Music Gallery
    Sonic Boom Records
    The Great Hall
    The Silver Dollar

    The Boat

    918 Bathurst Arts Centre
    Lula Lounge
    The Lower Ossington Theatre
    The Tranzac (Main Hall)

    The Dakota Tavern
    Glenn Gould Studio
    Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts & Culture
    Placebo Space
    Roy Thomson Hall
    The Shop under Parts & Labour

    Holy Oak Café
    The Drake Underground

    Sneaky Dee's
    The Opera House
    The Rivoli
    Trinity-St. Paul's United Church

    Again, this is incomplete. Places that I ticketed shows to go to (Lee's, The 'Shoe) won't move much but it underestimates the sort of places that I would tend to go to on the spur of the moment, like the Tranzac or Garrison.