Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Gig List

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Depreciation Guild / Don Mills)
Lee's Palace, 2009-02-12 (Thursday)

$100 (Element Choir / The Luyas / Hooded Fang / Brides)
Polish Combatants Hall (Wavelength 450) 2009-02-14 (Saturday)

Bruce Peninsula (Snowblink / Alex Lukashevsky)
Polish Combatants Hall. 2009-02-22 (Sunday)

Jon Langford & His Sadies
Horseshoe. 2009-02-27 (Friday)

AC Newman
Lee's Palace. 2009-03-11 (Wednesday)

CMW: Thursday

CMW: Friday

No Shame matinée @ Trash Palace

Jon-Rae Fletcher (Hollerado)

CMW: Saturday

Oh No Forest Fires (Still Life Still / Arietta)
Lee's Palace. 2009-03-20 (Friday)

Julie Doiron ($100 / Rick White)
The Horseshoe. 2009-03-26 (Thursday)

Glasvegas (Von Iva)
The Mod Club. 2009-04-03 (Friday)

Willie Nelson (Ray Price / Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters)
Massey Hall. 2009-04-08 (Wednesday)

Neko Case (Crooked Fingers)
Trinity-St. Paul's Church. 2009-04-17 (Friday)

Sunparlour Players / Lullabye Arkestra
Sonic Boom. 2009-04-18 (Saturday)

Nomeansno (Potty Umbrella / The Bon)
Lee's Palace. 2009-04-18 (Saturday)

Chain & The Gang (The Hive Dwellers / Tropics)
Whippersnapper Gallery. 2009-04-24 (Friday)

Great Lake Swimmers (Art Bergmann)
Queen Elizabeth Theatre. 2009-04-25 (Saturday)

Mountains (Matthew "Doc" Dunn / Ayal Senior's Spacechurch)
The Music Gallery. 2009-04-28 (Tuesday)

The Thermals (Shaky Hands)
The Horseshoe. 2009-05-03 (Sunday)

Vivian Girls (Crystal Antlers / Little Girls)
The Horseshoe. 2009-05-08 (Friday)

Sonic Boom. 2009-05-15 (Friday)

Vaselines (Rick of the Skins)
Lee's Palace. 2009-05-15 (Friday)

Peaches (Drums of Death)
The Phoenix. 2009-05-20 (Wednesday)

Gentleman Reg (Kate Stelmanis / Kids on TV)
Buddies in Bad Times. 2009-05-20 (Wednesday)

Baby Dee (Timber Timbre / Ghost Bees)
6 Nassau. 2009-05-21 (Thursday)

MV & EE (Woods / $100)
Whippersnapper Gallery. 2009-05-22 (Friday)

Tiny Masters of Today (The Superstitions / Windom Earle / The Paint Movement)
Whippersnapper Gallery. 2009-05-23 (Saturday)

Green Go (Shellshag / Fiasco / The Guest Bedroom)
Sneaky Dee's. 2009-05-23 (Saturday)

Apostle of Hustle (Wayne Petti)
The Music Gallery. 2009-05-29 (Friday)

The Miles (Pants and Tie)
The Boat. 2009-05-29 (Friday)

Still Life Still (Dinosaur Bones / Casa Muerte)
Velvet Underground. 2009-05-30 (Saturday)

The Diableros (Sports: The Band / Terror Lake / Archipelagos)
Sneaky Dee's. 2009-05-30 (Saturday)

Doves (Wild Light)
Kool Haus. 2009-06-01 (Monday)

Amadou & Mariam (Mélissa Laveaux)
The Phoenix. 2009-06-04 (Thursday)

"The Travelling Blues" (Taj Mahal / Alvin Youngblood Hart / Tri-Continental / Alpha Yaya Diallo)
Luminato @ Metro Square. 2009-06-06 (Saturday)

Daniel Lanois (The Campbell Brothers Band)
Luminato @ Yonge-Dundas Square. 2009-06-07 (Sunday)

Bell Orchestre
Luminato @ Harbourfront Centre. 2009-06-13 (Saturday)

Pink Mountaintops
Sonic Boom. 2009-06-14 (Sunday)

Jenny Omnichord / $100 (duo)
Festival on Bloor. 2009-06-14 (Sunday)

Amos the Transparent / The Coast / Dinosaur Bones
Sunrise Records. 2009-06-18 (Thursday)

NxNE: Thursday

NxNE: Friday

Daps All-Ages & No Shame Afternoon Extravaganza
Rolly's Garage. 2009-06-20

NxNE: Saturday

Ohbijou (Great Bloomers / Evening Hymns)
Opera House. 2009-06-25 (Thursday)

Kids on TV (Gentleman Reg / Hooded Fang)
Pride Toronto. 2009-06-27 (Saturday)

Mose Allison
Fleck Dance Theatre. 2009-06-30 (Tuesday)

Zoobombs (Mother Murder / The Owle Bird)
Silver Dollar. 2009-06-30 (Tuesday)

Constantines (Chad VanGaalen)
Harbourfront Centre. 2009-07-01 (Wednesday)

Harbourfront Centre. 2009-07-03 (Friday)

Femi Kuti / King Sunny Adé
Harbourfront Centre. 2009-07-04 (Saturday)

Vieux Farka Touré (Afrafranto)
Phoenix. 2009-07-10 (Friday)

Afrofest: Saturday
Queen's Park. 2009-07-11 (Saturday)

Broken Social Scene
(Rattlesnake Choir)
Harbourfront Centre. 2009-07-11 (Saturday)

Afrofest: Sunday
Queen's Park. 2009-07-12 (Sunday)

Jon-Rae Fletcher (Ryan Driver)
Imperial Pub. 2009-07-24 (Friday)

Wavelength P.S. Kensington
P.S. Kensington. 2009-07-26 (Sunday)

The Rural Alberta Advantage (Hooded Fang / The Wilderness of Manitoba)
The Horseshoe. 2009-07-30 (Thursday)

catl / The Disraelis
Mitzi's Sister. 2009-07-31 (Friday)

Heaven / Mean Red Spiders
Silver Dollar. 2009-08-01 (Saturday)

Miracle Fortress / Karkwa
Theatre Centre (Summerworks Festival). 2009-08-06 (Thursday)

St. Vincent (Gentleman Reg)
The Horseshoe. 2009-08-08 (Saturday)

Still Life Still / Kids on TV
Theatre Centre (Summerworks Festival). 2009-08-09 (Sunday)

Vandermark 5
Supermarket. 2009-08-11 (Tuesday)

The D'Urbervilles / Forest City Lovers
The Theatre Centre (Summerworks Festival Music Series). 2009-08-13 (Thursday)

Gladstone Hotel (Ballroom). 2009-08-14 (Friday)

Bob Wiseman — "Actionable"
Summerworks Festival (Factory Studio Theatre). 2009-08-15 (Saturday)

Revolvers (The Caraways)
The Silver Dollar. 2009-08-15 (Saturday)

Pony Da Look / Buildings / Romo Roto
Trash Palace. 2009-08-17 (Monday)

Melissa Boraski, Isla Craig, Lisa Bozikovic
Holy Oak. 2009-08-21 (Friday)

Bicycle Film Fest afterparty
Studio Gallery. 2009-08-22 (Saturday)

The Wooden Sky
Sonic Boom Records 2009-08-24 (Monday)

Jah Youssouf and Abdoulaye Koné
Musideum 2009-08-27 (Thursday)

"Friends in Bellwoods 2" release party
Lee's Palace 2009-08-28 (Friday)
Tranzac 2009-08-29 (Saturday)
Part I / Part II

Bite Your Tongue 1
The Guild 2009-09-06 (Saturday)

Owen Pallet's 30th Birthday Party
Lula Lounge 2009-09-06 (Sunday)
Part I / Part II / Part III

Young Galaxy (Treasure Hunt / Cancel Winter)
Drake Underground 2009-09-10 (Thursday)

Optical Sounds' "Back to Cool" Party
Rolly's Garage 2009-09-11 (Friday)

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests (Daniel Nebiat)
SPK Polish Combatants Hall 2009-09-12 (Saturday)

The Woodchoppers Association et Jah Youssouf
The Music Gallery 2009-09-19 (Saturday)

Japandroids (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band)
The Horseshoe 2009-09-19 (Saturday)

Wavves (Ganglians / The Bitters)
El Mocambo 2009-09-22 (Tuesday)

Kids on TV (Diamond Rings)
Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar) 2009-09-24 (Thursday)

Bruce Peninsula
Word on the Street 2009-09-27 (Sunday)

The Hold Steady (Still Life Still)
Lee's Palace 2009-09-27 (Sunday)

The Hidden Cameras
Goodhandy's 2009-09-29 (Tuesday)

Os Mutantes (DeLeon)
The Opera House 2009-10-02 (Friday)

Yo La Tengo (The Horse's Ha)
The Opera House 2009-10-03 (Saturday)

Element Choir
The Atrium on Bay (Nuit Blanche) 2009-10-03 (Saturday)

Faust (Not the Wind, Not the Flag)
SPK Polish Combatants Hall 2009-10-04 (Sunday)

Torngat (Muskox / I Have Eaten The City)
Teranga 2009-10-08 (Thursday)

Amy Millan (Bahamas)
The Mod Club 2009-10-14 (Wednesday)

Spiral Beach
Sonic Boom 2009-10-16 (Friday)

The Diableros (Planet Creature)
The Boat 2009-10-16 (Friday)

ALL CAPS! Island Show
Artscape Gibraltar Point 2009-10-17 (Saturday)
Part I / Part II

Six Finger Satellite (The Chinese Stars)
The Garrison 2003-10-23 (Friday)

Julie Doiron (Herman Dune / Shotgun Jimmie)
Lee's Palace 2009-10-27 (Tuesday)

Muskox (Canaille / Damian Vailles)
The Music Gallery 2009-10-29 (Thursday)

Cro-Mags (Fucked Up / Rampage / Waste Management / Rival Mob / Mind Eraser)
Kathedral 2009-10-30 (Friday)

Noah and the Whale
Criminal Records 2009-10-31 (Saturday)

Ume (Patrick Lee / Give Us the Daggers)
The Horseshoe 2009-11-03 (Tuesday)

Dog Day (Immaculate Machine / The Balconies)
The Horseshoe Tavern 2009-11-05 (Thursday)

Postcards (The Hoa Hoa's / Volcano)
Rancho Relaxo 2009-11-06 (Friday)

Islands (Gregory Pepper and His Problems / Toro Y Moi)
Mod Club. 2009-11-07 (Saturday)

The Vic Chesnutt Band (Clare & The Reasons)
Lee's Palace. 2009-11-07 (Saturday)

Girls (Real Estate)
El Mocambo. 2009-11-10 (Tuesday)

Songs for Jesse Presley (feat. Joe Pernice, The Reveries, D-Sisive)
The Music Gallery. 2009-11-11 (Wednesday)

Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi
The Phoenix. 2009-11-15 (Sunday)

Andre Williams and the Sadies (Bloodshot Bill / catl)
The Horseshoe Tavern. 2009-11-19 (Thursday)

Bite Your Tongue 2
Centre of Gravity. 2009-11-21 (Saturday)

Sonic Boom Records. 2009-11-25 (Wednesday)

Blocks Presents: The Phonemes, Michelle McAdorey and Betty Burke
The Gladstone Hotel (Melody Bar). 2006-11-26 (Thursday)

Steamboat (Cityfolk)
The Garrison. 2009-11-27 (Friday)

The Third Annual Toronto Rock Lottery
Sneaky Dee's. 2009-11-28(Saturday)

Jason Collett's Annual Basement Review (feat. Jason Collett, Susan Holbrook, Neil Quin, Derek McCormack, Bahamas, Fraser Young, Danielle Duval, Beatlejuice)
Dakota Tavern. 2009-12-01 (Tuesday)

The Hoa Hoa's
Sonic Boom Records. 2009-12-04 (Friday)

The Hoa Hoa's (The Disraelis / Your 33 Black Angels / Action Makes)
The Silver Dollar Room. 2009-12-04 (Friday)

Third Floor Studios 2009-12-05 (Saturday)

The Hidden Cameras (Gentleman Reg)
The Opera House. 2009-12-05 (Saturday)

Do Make Say Think (The Happiness Project)
E----- Theatre, Harbourfront Centre. 2009-12-12 (Saturday)

Grant Hart (Massey Harris, Stephen Stanley)
The Horseshoe. 2009-12-14 (Monday)

The Old Soul’s 8th Anniversary Christmas Party
Dakota Tavern. 2009-12-16 (Wednesday)

Constantines (Ladyhawk / Lullabye Arkestra / Tropics)
The Garrison. 2009-12-17 (Thursday)

Wavelength 494 (feat. Germans, P.S. I Love You, Murder Ford Monument)
The Garrison, 2009-12-20 (Sunday)

Jason Collett's Annual Basement Review feat. Sina Queyras, Alex Lukashevsky, Sheila Heti, Laura Barrett, Grant Lawrence, Gentleman Reg, Taylor Knox and The Ishmaels)
Dakota Tavern. 2009-12-22 (Tuesday)

Mahmoud Ahmed
Lithuanian Hall. 2009-12-25 (Friday)

Tranzac New Year's Eve feat. Diamond Rings, Jim Guthrie, Gentleman Reg, The Magic, Mantler)
The Tranzac 2009-12-31 (Thursday)