Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Recording: Starry Night

Artist: Starry Night

Song: Kara Says

Recorded at Holy Oak Café, January 2, 2015.

Starry Night - Kara Says

This was the first gig for this four-piece — though if the dates on their soundcloud are anything to go by, the songs have been in development for a little while now. There were some familiar faces on stage, including Justin Castator and Pat Bramm (of Sing Leaf's live band) and Brian Okamoto (formerly of Chang-a-Lang). The sound can be broadly described as "90's-style alternative rock", right down to the bassist's Big Muff.* It helps that there's some really tasty songs here, and they knew enough to close things out with a Crazy Horse-style extended groove at set's end.

* The bassist — who needs to take more of the vocals in the live set — was unfamiliar to me. Can anyone fill me in?

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