Thursday, September 4, 2014

Recording: Lido Pimienta

Artist: Lido Pimienta

Song: Jardines*

Recorded at SummerWorks – Lower Ossington Theatre Mainspace ("The Secret Garden of Lido Pimienta"), August 13, 2013.

Lido Pimienta - Jardines

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Lido Pimienta's entry in the SummerWorks Music Series brought the L.O.T. to life, with flowers and birdsong creeping outwards into the lobby. Inside, the Mainspace area was reversed from its normal configuration, with the musicians set up on the risers and the audience milling around on the stage area of the floor to a live ambient soundtrack by Kvesche Bijons-Ebacher and Brandon Valdivia. "Vines" and "tree trunks" dangling around the musicians served as screens for ever-changing projections, and when Pimienta emerged, it was with no fewer than five dancers/backing vocalists, who would redistribute themselves throughout the room as the night went on.

The show took its direction her memories of the children's classic The Secret Garden — as well her her adult journey in decolonizing her consciousness from the normative power of such stories. But in the end, just as in that story, the garden is a healing place, where we can grow out of our past prejudices and limitations. This song, closing out the night, ended with Pimienta leading the crowd in a chant of "quiero," — I want — a cry from the heart to be free of racism, of colonization, of sexism.

[In another more-than-just-a-standard-gig, Lido Pimienta will be closing out this year's X Avant festival at The Music Gallery (on Sunday, October 19th) in what promises to be a collaborative audio-visual spectacular.]

* This is close, I think, but I'm not one hundred per cent this is the exact title for this one. Please leave a comment if you know it for sure!

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